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Bandai Block Out

(1981, VFD, 4 C Batteries, Model# 8104)
CPU: NEC D553C-102

Bandai's version of the popular Break Out clones. (Also called The Block and a French version called Le Casse Brique, although I have a French version just called 'Block'). The game appears to have a paddle controller, but it is actually just a toggle switch. It can't spin all the way around, just a little to the left and right, underneath there's a contact switch that triggers the left or right 'button'. Probably its most interesting characteristic though is the unique shape of the game itself. Bandai's Galaxian game is also this shape.
There's a Kaken logo on motherboard with a single-color VFD. The multi-colored blocks are achieved by the addition of a piece of actual 35mm film exposed with different colored areas taped to the back of the dark plastic covering.

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