Books and Magazines.

This section features any books or magazines that I find that have anything to do with handheld games. Included are vintage and recent/current publications. Industry/Trade Show publications are also included (if they deal only with a specific manufacturer they will also be listed on the corresponding page of their handheld games). Some of them only show the cover, others may have some or all of the handheld related pages. Magazines are listed in chronological order, books and trade publications are listed alphabetically.

Japanese handheld game trading cards!
Super Sugar Crisp cereal with Coleco give-away
Popular Electronics Jan 1978
Popular Science Dec 1978
Consumer Reports Nov 1980
Electronic Games June 1983
Electronic Games July 1983
Electronic Games September 1983
PC Ace 2001 (England)
Toy Shop Oct 4, 2002
Japanese Magazines:
Computer Game #110 Apr 1982 (Japan)
Design News #111 Sep 15th, 1980 (Japan)
Electronic Game Mag Oct 25th, 1982 (Japan)
Electronic Game #1 Oct 1983 (Japan)
Electronic Game #2 1983 (Japan)
Game Watch! Vol. 1, 1999 (Japan)
Game Watch! Vol. 2, 1999 (Japan)
Advertisement pages:
Milton Bradley German flyer 1981 (Germany)
Epoch Japanese flyer 1984 (Japan)
Mattel Computer Chess Ad
Mattel Las Vegas Pinball Ad
Vedes Spiele cataloge 1980's (Germany)
Playthings (U.S. Toy Trade Magazine)
Playthings April 1979
Playthings September 1979
Playthings October 1979
Playthings April 1980
Playthings January 1981
Playthings April 1981

Complete Guide to Electronic Games (U.S.) 1981
Computer & Video Games (Usborne, U.K.) 1982
Electronic Game Collectors (Japan) 2000
High Score! (U.S.) 2002
Microcomputer Controlled Toys (U.S.) 1983
Price Guide to Classic Games (U.S.) 2004
Dept. Store/Xmas catalogs:
Aldens Christmas 1978
Aldens Christmas 1980
Ardan 1982-1983 Catalog
J. C. Penny Christmas 1982
Montgomery Ward Christmas 1978
Montgomery Ward Christmas 1981
Montgomery Ward Christmas 1985
Sears Christmas 1976
Sears Christmas 1977
Sears Christmas 1978
Sears Christmas 1979
Industry Publications/Company Catalogs
Amico Fall 1980
Bambino Game Flyers U. S.
Bambino Game Flyers Japan
Bandai Japanese catalog 1978
Bandai Toy Fair catalog 1980
Bandai Japanese catalog 1980
Bandai Toy Fair catalog 1982
Castle Toy Toy Fair catalog 1980
Coleco Games Toy Fair catalog 1978
Coleco Games Toy Fair catalog 1979
Coleco Games Toy Fair catalog 1980
Coleco Games Toy Fair catalog 1981
Coleco Games Toy Fair catalog 1983
Coleco Games CES catalog 1984
Entex News Letter 'The Bull's Eye' 1980
Entex Toy Fair catalog 1979
Entex Toy Fair catalog 1981
Entex Toy Fair catalog 1982
Epoch Japanese catalog 1980
Mattel Toy Fair catalog 1978
Mattel Toy Fair catalog 1979
Mattel Toy Fair catalog 1980
Mattel Canadian catalog 1980
Mattel French catalog 1981
Mattel U. K. catalog 1980
Mattel Elec. Toy Fair catalog 1981
Mattel Elec. Toy Fair catalog 1982
Mattel Elec. Toy Fair catalog 1983
Milton Bradley Toy catalog 1979
Milton Bradley U.K. catalog 1981
Tiger Games Toy Fair catalog 1982
Tomy Toy Fair catalog 1980
Tomy Japanese Summer catalog 1980
Tomy Toy Fair catalog 1982
Toybox Japanese catalog 1979
Vanity Fair Toy Fair catalog 1980

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