Coleco Game Repair (Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger & Galaxian)

Bonus page! Circuit Board variations!

Apparently, Coleco decided to make changes to the circuit board layout of the game (and it's components) over the course of the production. Hardly a new concept for any electronic device, really... I just opened another one of my games and found the board pictured below, which is significantly different from the one in the main repair section. This one is labelled Rev. E, the first one I used didn't say anything, so it's safe to assume there's probably at least 5 different types of Pac Man circuit boards out there. Here you can see the connections for power (red and blue side-by-side wires) and the speaker (red pair of wires). Also, if you are reading the whole repair section, you will see here an example of the large round type of high-voltage transformer (big black disc), and the transistors are moved (and one of them is now a redish color, that's kind of unusual for a transistor). I will add more board revisions as I find them, but the repair section is meant to be a little bit general once you get to the electronics, and I can't promise to find every variation of every game out there. :)

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