Coleco Donkey Kong Jr. (1983, LCD, 2 C Batteries, Model# 2398)
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This was supposed to be the 6th in the series of arcade-shaped handhelds (as the prototype picture shows), but before production, Coleco changed their minds and went with the Nintendo Game&Watch tabletop version of Donkey Kong Jr. instead, the only change being the color of the case and the stickers. This is a color LCD game (color accomplished with a color plastic overlay on the LCD), and is back-lit by an external light source (room light, sun, etc). It can't be played in the dark like the VFD games. Anyone know if the prototype was a working model or just a mock-up for the picture?

Do I have this? Yes, with box and one loose, no battery cover (this one pictured is mine.)

Here's the prototype Donkey Kong Jr. and what the box would have looked like (from a Toy Fair catalog):

This is the Nintendo Game&Watch tabletop DK Jr. (Look similar? :):


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