Coleco Electronic Quarterback (1978, LED, 9 Volt, Model# 2020)
U. S. Patent #s 4,249,735 (game) and 4,327,915 (display)
Invented by: Eric Bromley (according to the patent)
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There appears to be some color variations here- 1st one is 'normal,' 2nd one has black directional buttons (I suspect the overlay sticker is just faded, that would explaind the light blue and white word 'Electronic,' but maybe it was printed this way), the third one has yet another color of buttons, as well as featuring the newer Coleco logo (I think that was the newer one...) THe first version also changed in that the earliest models ((C) 1978 on the box) have an A/C adapter port on the top of the game, later models ((C) 1980 on the box) no longer have this. Also licensed to Sears as Electronic Touchdown.

Electronic Quarterback has been found in Disney's movie 'Tron.' When they are at Flynn's arcade in his apartment, he picks it up and starts playing it for a few seconds. You never see the front of the game, but it's obvious what it is... :) See screen shot at bottom of page.

Screen shot of Jeff Bridges as 'Flynn' playing Electronic Quarterback in the Disney movie 'Tron':
(See Handhelds in Movies for more!)

Do I have this? Yes, boxed.

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