Coleco Frogger (1981, VFD, 4 C Batteries, Model# 2393)
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One of the cool, arcade game shaped handhelds (or tabletops, they aren't easy to hold...), based on the arcade game Frogger by Konami. These are much-desired collectibles, and aren't always easy to find in really good condition. They each (Frogger, Donkey Kong, Galaxian, Pac Man, Ms Pac Man) have a sticker on the top of the game, front, left side and right side, as well as a plastic sticker on the control panel. One or more of these is frequently damaged or missing. There is also an instruction sticker on the bottom of each of them (on the battery cover). They should also have an egg-shaped knob on the end of each joystick (this was only held on with a screw, and was also subject to disappearing). Frogger has at least one design variation, in the first pic you can see the top sticker on the game is mostly black, further down I have a picture of another version with a mostly green sticker on top. These green-stickered types seem to be more rare than the other, but I'm not certain if it's an early variation, or if it's a regional variation (as in, the green sticker may have only come out in Canada). I'm told there's a game-play variation in Frogger as well (not necessarily related to the color of the stickers though).

Display image and green-top sticker variation:

Post cereal was also giving away 5,000 Coleco mini arcades in 1984:

Do I have this? Yes, boxed (black top sticker).

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