Coleco Star Trek- The Electronic Game (1980, LED, 9 Volt, Model# 2200)

Very cool looking, anyone have one of these? Based on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, it's the U.S.S. Enterprise versus V'ger! It was going to be a two-player game (sort of head-to-head), each player would sit on the left or right of the ship using the controls closest to him to play (I'm not 100% of the planned game play). At this point, I'm pretty convinced that this game was never actually put into production (there may not have even been a fully functional prototype made at all). The model pictured here (from the Toy Fair catalogs and other trade magazines) appears to be wooden mock-up to show what the game woud look like. They did get as far as making initial molds for the shell of the game, and I've included pictures of a prototype/test casting from this mold. I believe this was just an initial test so the engineers at Coleco could confirm the mold was made correctly, and it's quite possible that this is all that remains of this game (as these things were usually thrown away, especially if the project was scrapped).

Box pic (from catalog):

Prototype shell:

Do I have this? The shell is part of the Museum, still never seen a working game...

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