Coleco Zodiac (1979, LED, 2 9 Volts, Model# 2110)
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Astrology Computer, seems quite complicated. You have to put in your birthdate, place of birth and time of birth (all using codes from the manual, without the manual this is impossible to use). After entering those codes, the computer will start displaying a series of lights at the astrological symbols around the case, and display various things on the led readout. You have to write all this down on a special piece of paper, then you can use the manual to look up different aspects of your horoscope. A lot more in-depth than Mattel's Horoscope Computer, and it doesn't seem to have an 'expiration date' like Mattel's either (although I have to admit I didn't actually read the manual all the way, it was more effort than I wanted to get into... :)

White box (not sure if these were mail-away boxes, or boxes used to purge excess
inventory- they'd be cheaper to print like this):

Do I have this? Yes, complete (Pic is mine).

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