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Classic Gaming Expo 2001
My second convention, and I finally had an opportunity to display a large selection of my handheld games, a much bigger display than at Philly Classic! (My table at CGE looked like Richard's table at Philly... :) The museum room also included most (if not all) of Chris Romero's Vectrex collection (and the color prototype), as well as an RDI Halcyon laserdisc system, Atari Cosmos with box (hadn't seen the box before) and many other rare Atari, Intellivision and other console systems. Lots of pictures here... (Click on any image to enlarge- Will pop open a new window.)
My Handhelds in the CGE Museum
Chris' Vectrex collection
Here's some of the rest of the show: (A lot more Museum pictures down below...)

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See www.8bitweapon.com
As promised, here's a virtual walk-through of the 2001 CGE Museum: