Entex Space Invader (1980/81, LED, 6 AA Batteries, Model# 6012)
Veiw Manual

Entex handheld Space Invader game, their version of the popular arcade game. The black version is copyright 1980 (and was designed/programmed by Entex Tokyo), the grey one is copyright 1981 (and was re-designed and re-programmed by Rick Dyer & AMS, thus it has some differences in appearence and gameplay) (note also that the gray one was made from a slightly different mold). Interesting note: the second wasn't supposed to be gray, someone accidently trans-posed 2 numbers on the paperwork where the Pantone color code was listed (it was supposed to be the same black color). Over 800,000 Space Invaders were produced, which is impressive considering a company was happy to have a production of 100,000.

Black version:

Gray version (there are two versions of this as well- one has pretty dim LEDs (hard to see in a well-lit
room), the other was slightly redesigned by Mike Rounds to make the LEDs a lot brighter):

Do I have this? Yes, both boxed (these are mine pictured).

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