Grandstand Handheld Games (72 listed)

Grandstand is a foreign company that distributed a lot of games overseas from other companies (like Tomy, Epoch, etc), sometimes changing the name of the game. They also designed their own games...

4 in 1 Electronic Game
Asteroid Attack
Astro Wars
Astro Wars (1990)
Astro Warriors
Back to the Heaven
Batman Back Street Brawl
Batman Wings of Steel
BMX Burner
BMX Flyer
Captain Scarlet Lunarville
Captain Scarlet Manhunt
Caveman (LCD)
Caveman (VFD)
Combat Zone
Cosmic Invader
Crazy Kong
Crazy Monster
Double Dragon (LCD)
Dragon (LCD)
Firefox F-7
Formula One Racing
Game Machine, The
Game Player
Game Wizard
Hero and Princess
Indiana Jones
Invader from Space
Jack & the Beanstalk
Jungle Book, The
King Kong Jungle
King Kong New York
Krazy Kong
Maths Master
Military Game
Mini Golf
Mini Munchman
Mouse Maze
Mr. Rich Man
Mr. Wood Man
Paperboy (LCD)
Pocket Match of the Day (LED)
Pocket Pac-Man
Scramble (pocket)
Soccer (LED)
Soccer, Match of the Day
Soccer, The Big Game
Space Fight
Star Force
Star Force (LCD)
Stingray- Seek & Destroy
Swords 'n' Serpents
Thomas the Tank Engine
Thunderbirds: Brink of Disaster
Thunderbirds: Blast into Outer Space
Thunderbirds: Danger at Ocean Deep
Thunderbirds: Pit of Peril
Thunderbirds Walkie Talkies
Tron (Tomy's)
Universal Mains Adapter (AC adapter from U.K.)
Vampire Strike
Wicked Blocks

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