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Legal stuff...

My goal with this website is to document (primarily photographically) every electronic handheld game made in the late 1970's to the mid 1980's. Collecting these is a hobby of mine, and I wanted to create a complete online encyclopedia of all of them, not just the ones in my collection. Companies such as Tiger, MGA, etc produced TONs of LCD games (and still do in some cases), so I am only attempting to complete these sections up to about 1984 (though there are some newer ones). They are listed in order by manufacturer. (See bottom of main page for recent and past updates...)

Photographs on this site are of my personal collection when possible. Photos of games I do not have may have been obtained from other websites (including auction sites like eBay). All photographs are presented for informational and research purposes only. When possible, I have attempted to obtain permission to use the images, but in some cases I have forgotten where some of the images came from. If you see an image on the Handheld Museum that you took, and you either don't want it here or want credit for it (I'll even make links to your site if you have one), please let me know, I will comply immediately. I'm not out to tick people off, just to have a nice source for info on these games.

Also, please note that I do not make any money from this website. There are no banner ads or any other kind of advertising in use on the site. (Any 'ads' on the main page I placed there for free becuase I want the community to know about it.)

eBay use: My website, and the information presented here, is available for everyone to use in a fair manner. I only ask that you please give credit to www.handheldmuseum.com for any information or images you use from this site. Please DO NOT link directly to any of the images on my site. If you want to provide a link so people can see a specific game, provide a link to that game's specific page. (Example: If you want to sell a Coleco Pac-Man on eBay, you can place a link to http://www.handheldmuseum.com/Coleco/PacMan.htm in your auction, but DO NOT link directly to http://www.handheldmuseum.com/Coleco/Coleco-PacMan.jpg, and make it clear in your auction that the game pictured is not the actual game you are selling.)

Publications: The photos (and text) on this website that I've taken myself are available for use in publications of various kinds (books, magazines, flyers, online articles, etc) in a limited fashion. Generally, the only restriction I would have is that you don't take hundreds of images from the site and publish a handheld collecting book or something. :) I only ask that you give credit to 'Rik Morgan of www.handheldmuseum.com' with the picture or article it's used in. And, please let me know... I'd love to have a copy of whatever it's used in (even if I have to buy it).

Also, for the most part I always have a set of high-resolution images handy, so if you want something that might look better than an image posted online, please let me know.