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Handheld Game Museums (and information):

By: Jeff Folejewski. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Entex AdventureVision system.
By: Julien. Collector's website, started collecting Bandai solar games and moved on to Game & Watch. (Click the picture and look on the left column for game stuff...)
Clint's Handheld Web Page
By: Clint Dyer, original author of the Handheld Games FAQ. He has gotten out of handheld collecting, but still has his site up with information about the games he used to have.
Online ordering of Classic Games & Vintage Consoles. Mostly consoles, but has Game & Watch section.
Electronic Plastic
By: Jaro Gielens Excellent site, lots of rare, boxed games (& a forsale section). He has even published a book on the subject!
EmeraldR Webpage
By: Michael Roberts. Small page with a few pictures, he has more (as you can easily prove by looking at his page in the Personal Collection section of my main page), but just doesn't have a lot of time to devote to the website... :)
By: Taki Leung. Another serious collector with hundreds of games and a forsale page. Actively sells on Ebay, seller ID: Chickeneater.
By: Rich Rezza. US Collector with tons of games and a good sized Forsale section.
Game Over? is a shop in the Netherlands (Amsterdam specifically) that caters to the buying/selling of all kinds of vintage gaming (consoles, handhelds, etc.).
By: Geoffroy Derenne. Primarily a Nintendo G&W collector, but has other handhelds on his forsale page.
Game and
By: Jorgen Joralv. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Nintendo Game & Watch series (I believe he has them all). Includes reviews for many of the games.
By: Tod Browninig.

Seems to be down, anyone know if its permanent?
Handheld Game Museum
By: Me! (Rik) You're already looking at it... :) I sell on eBay (eBay ID: rik1138). I'm located in California.
Handheld Hustlers
By: Tom Spilliaert Great site, he has a HUGE collection. Lots of pics categorized by maker and then by game style. Has a forsale/trade section. Located in Belgium.
By: Steve Read. Great site with lots of company history and photographs. Also has a Forsale section.
By: Mike. Online archive of nearly every Radio Shack catalog printed. Check out 1978-1984 for the various vintage handheld games they sold.
By: Jason Moore. Deals with handhelds and old console games. Has plenty forsale.
By Hiparco.

Seems to gone... Anyone know if it's permanent?
Paul's a big collector of all kinds of vintage games, computers and electronics. He seems to be selling off a large portion of his collection, so check it out!
Database site that catalogs tons of classic (and modern) video games and consoles. Has a fairly huge
Tiger Handheld database
By: Italian collector Alex Romano. Very nice site show casing a great collection. The games are forsale (but the site shows the entire original collection, so some are sold).
By: Will and Sandy Fong. Lots of 80's stuff and old TV show props! Has a section on Handheld games, but I don't believe he's actively collecting anymore.

Game Simulations: These sites have programs (mostly PC based) that simulate the
game play of a lot of these vintage handheld games.

By: Peter Hirschberg. Author of LEDhead, multi-game simulator that simulats most of the Mattel games, and he even has a version that will run PocketPC handheld devices!

By: Luca Antignano. Luca has a LOT of simulators for all types of games (LCD, LED, VFD).

Other: These sites have other classic gaming information that may be interesting...

By: Walton C. Gibson (Kalla) Scans of all kinds of little flyers, box art and advertisements for all kinds of classic games (mostly console games, but still interesting to look at).

General Misc:
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