Milton Bradley Microvision (Foreign) (1979, LCD, 9 Volt (1 or 2), Model# 4952)

I know of foreign versions of this system from 6 different countries: Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. They are almost identical in every country (except Canada, which looks like the US version) with the exception of the names of the games (different languages). The foreign ones are interesting (when compaired to the US ones) becuase they are actually numbered, and every game cartridge is a different color. The number (and the color of the cartridge) represents the same game, no matter what country it's from or what the translated game name is. They also have plastic buttons instead of the membranes found on the U.S. releases. This eliminates the dented, messed up membrane problem that plagues the US versions, but the little plastic buttons are prone to breaking off, so we each have our problems. The console itself is nearly identical, but they came with a vinyl slip cover for the system, and were packaged in a red, velvet-like holder in the box. (the pics show this better than I can describe it...) Not all games released in the US were available overseas (the reverse is true for Super Block Buster, which was only released in foreign markets).

U.K. Console and box (only foreign version with English writing):

The easiest way to quickly tell what country your cartridge is from is by the writing directly beneath the work 'Microvision' on the box. It translates to Interchangeable Cartridge:

Foreign Games available:
1- Block Buster or Casse Brique (Pack-in game) (4971)
2- Bowling (Green) (4972)
3- Shooting Star (Orange) (Phaser Strike) (4973)
4- Pinball or Flipper (Yellow) (4974)
5- 4 Gewwinnt or Puissance 4 or Vier Op 'n Rij or Forza 4 (Blue) (Connect Four) (4975)
6- Bataille Navalle or See-Duell or Duel (Grey) (Sea Duel) (4976)
7- Blitz or Space Blitz (Tan) (Alien Raiders) (4977)
8- Super Block Buster or Super Casse Brique (Black) (Foreign release only) (4978)

The Canadian Versions have similar names to the French ones, but are packaged in boxes that look like the U.S. ones.

German console box:

Do I have these? 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 (France) all still sealed and random others.

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