Mattel's Football 2 (II) (1978, LED, 9 Volt, Model# 1050)
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Football 2 (or II) was released in 1978. It is the Sequel to the popular Football I game. It adds the functionality of running forward and backward, passing, etc (and actually has a 10 yard playing field, not 9 like Football I). It was printed with either Football 2 or Football II on the name tag, and it would appear that the 'II' version is the first (see pic of box below.) This game also has an 'Easter Egg' of sorts, if you hold down the 'Pass' button while turning on the game, you effectively get Pro 3 or Pro 4 difficulty settings for the game play (i.e., if you have the switch on Pro 1, holding down the pass will give you Pro 3, etc. Pro 4 is VERY fast and difficult to play.) This even works on the new Classic Football 2 re-release from last year.

First version, note the 'Introducing' on the box and II instead of 2 in the name.

Candian version with French writing on the box:

Do I have this? Yes, '2' version still sealed in box, and a 'II' version boxed.

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