AHTI Horse Race Analyzer (1994, LCD, 9 Volt, Model# 9091) US Patent # 4,382,280
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This is Advanced Handicapping Technologies, Inc.'s Thoroughbred Horse Race Analyzer Computer. From the box: "It is programmed for 3 year-or-older horses running on a fast dirt or firm turf track, at distances of 6 furlongs or longer. It is not designed to handicap harness races (trotters or pacers), quarter horse races, dog races or "Maiden" races. In a computer study at a leading university, on a sample of 946 races, this computer's top rated horse finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd 58% of the time."

The Horse Race Analyzer was originally sold by Mattel Electronics after being designed and programmed by Evan Mandel and Dr. William Quirin (after over a year of research and program to perfect the program that now resides in the device). Mandel and Quirin hold the patent for the invention of programming and basics of how the analyzer works (U.S. patent # 4,382,280 which was applied for in 1980). After Mattel stopped selling it, the eventors purchased the rights and all the tooling for manufacturing it from Mattel and continued to sell it under the AHTI name through Shaper Image stores and possibly other outlets. The AHTI versions seems to frequently sell on Ebay for considerably more than the Mattel version. This seems mainly simply becuase the AHTI version sounds more professional than the one made by a game company. (I've seen the AHTI version sell for over $150, while the Mattel version is usually less than $50.)

Label from back of game:

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