Nelsonic Pac Man (19??, LCD, Watch Batteries, Model# ??)
U. S. Patent # 4,395,134 (for the joystick on the watch)
Manual available (button version)

Based on Bally/Midway's Pac Man arcade game. One version 4 directional buttons, the other has a small joystick (and the joystick version has two different versions, look at the cartoon of Pac Man on each one, you'll notice that they are different). Also, I just noticed that the joystick version is supposed to come with 4 different colored joysticks you can screw into the watch (one color for each ghost).

If anyone knows exactly how to set the time (or enter the 'demo mode') of the joystick version, please let me know. I've gotten several requests for this, and it seems that it's different than the button version.

The drawings are different on the boxes as well:

Other box variations:

Closeup of the 4 different joysticks, and a more traditional watch-box that I saw on Ebay:

Do I have this? Yes, button version boxed.

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