Game Repair!
Instructions and information on fixing handheld games.

This is an upcoming section on game repair. It will feature advice on what can be repaired (and what probably can't), and recommendation on actually carrying out the repairs. I will attempt to stagger the difficulty of the repairs, so anyone that knows what a screwdriver is should be able to complete a basic button cleaning, and then those that are ready to re-build their entire game from the circuit-board up will find plenty of useful information complete with photographs and step-by-step guides on taking them apart.

I will eventually have several generic categories: handheld LCDs (think Game & Watch), Tabletop LCDs (Tiger, Vtech), VFD games (most of these are pretty identical on the inside), and some LED and mechanical games (these can be fairly game specific). There will then be special categories for specific games (like Coleco tabletops, just because they are pain to get into or the Adventure Vision just becuase it's a pain in general...). I've only photographed the Coleco Pac-Man and Entex Adventure Vision so far, so those will be the first listed (Coleco is already here). Hopefully I can get others up in a resonable amount of time... :)

So, if you have a Coleco arcade tabletop (Donkey Kong, Frogger, Galaxian, Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man), here's the info you want:

Coleco tabletop repair guide.