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Rosy Handheld Games (13 listed)

Rosy made 3 really cool '3D' games- Astro Invader, Puck N Monster and Space Galaxy, and at least one other VFD game- Space King. The others are LCD games except for Space Invader / Fighting Invader which is LED. To date, model numbers 2001-2011 have been found, preceded by RF or RC, presumably a reference to Rosy and the type of display used in the game (all the VFD games are RF, all the LCD games are RC (and the one LED game is also RC)). The only other odd one I've found is the Casino de Vegas slot machine which uses light bulbs.

Astro Vader 3D (VFD, RF-2003)
Casino de Vegas (Lights, ??)
Crazy Coaster (LCD, RC-2009)
Cupid's Arrow (LCD, RC-2007)
Fighting Climber (LCD, RC-2006)
Fighting Invader (LED, RF-2001)
Flying Knee Drop (LCD, RC-2008)
Messenger Monkey (LCD, RC-2011)
Puck 'N Monster 3D (VFD, RF-2004)
Space Galaxy 3D (VFD, RF-2002)
Space Invader (LED, RF-2001)
Space King (VFD, RF-2005)
Thriller House (LCD, RC-2010) Someone get me a picture of this! (or sell me one... :)

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