Sears 7 in 1 Sports (19xx, LED, 9 Volt, Model# 49-23746)
CPU: Texas Instruments MP7304

Comes with 7 different game overlays (that can be stored in a compartment on the bottom). You select the number of the game you want to play with the directional controls when you first turn the game on. Games are: 1- Basketball, 2- Hockey, 3- Soccer, 4- Maze, 5- Baseball, 6- Football, and 7- Racquetball. Licensed from Tiger (Tiger's 7-in-1 Sports Stadium).

Do I have this? Yes, loose with all overlays (top pic is mine). They look dull becuase they still have the plastic protective stickers on them that you are supposed to remove, but I guess the previous owner didn't realize that. :)

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