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Tronica Handheld Games (A.k.a. Ronica, Game-Clock) (45 listed)

Moslty LCD games, Game & Watch variety. I seem to be finding the same games under both Tronica and Ronica names. I guess in at least one market they dropped the T (or added it, depending on what the original company name is). I'm calling them all Tronica, but you may notice that some of the pics of the games just say Ronica. They also just say 'Game Clock' on the front of the games sometimes.

Aerogun Field
Air Fighter
Air Raid
Air Revenger
Alien Fighting
Anti Guerrila
Anti-Tank Action
Anti Tank Battle
Brave Firemen
Clever Chicken
Defence Munitions
Defence Warship
Diver's Adventure
Dragon Fighter
Fighting Pirate
Formula 1
Goal Keeper
Guard Wall
Helicopter Action
Helicopter Revenger
Hungry Elephant
Lovely Bird
Monkey Kingdom
Motorcycles Race
Pacific War 1944
Patriot Missile
Sea Battle
Shuttle Voyage
Space Adventure
Space Mission
Space Rescue
Space Revenger
Squirrel & Monkey (AG-28)
Squirrel & Monkey (SM-30)
Submarine Action
Super Goal Keeper
Thief in Garden
Thunder Ball
Treasure Island