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Yonezawa Handheld Games (14 listed)

Yonezawa made some neat LCD games that have a tiny LCD screen that you move to assist in the game play (See Iron Boy and West Police). A lot of them have the 'Multiboy' logo, and also 'Game 4.' Their games were manufactured by Morioka Tokei Co. of Japan. Morioka Tokei is still a huge watch movement manufacturer. Quite a few inexpensive analog watches use their movements (Armitron and others...). A lot of these games were also sold in other countries under the manufacturer name Liwaco.

Cylon 16
Dam Panic
Iron Boy, The (Parman game)
Little Bushman
My Picture Parman
My Picture ???
Ninja, The (see Liwaco version)
Ninja Hattori
Pinball, Talking
Sicom 16
Space Shot
West Police
West Police (Multiboy)

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