Handheld Museum December 2001 updates.

12/19/01- Trying to get caught up on request for various manuals... These are the new manuals uploaded today: Entex- Super Space Invader 2, Gakken- Puck Monster, Grandstand- Crazy Monster (Epoch Zig Zag Monster), Mattel- Star Hawk, Mego- Mini Vid Sea Battle, Parker Bros- Master Merlin.

12/07/01- Well, it's been a while again (thanks to some problems logging into my website... :), and Mattel has released another Classic handheld game (which you may have found the page for, it put it up a while ago... :) Classic Baseball this time, and it appears they used real LEDs for most of this time! Here's what's new: Added Actronics- Hungry Pac; Bandai- Attack Invader, Autorennen, Double Fripper, Kitaro Ge Ge Ge, Sub Attack; Mattel- Classic Baseball 2001 Re-release; Misc Games: A-One Arrange Ball, Bazin Racingcar Turbo, Cadaco Foto-Electronic Bowling.

Handheld Museum October 2001 updates.

10/15/01- Added Acclaim- Bartman Avenger of Evil; Bandai- Ottosei Land/Juggling Seal, Knaller-Ede, Fang die Nuss (all renames of other games); Casio- Dragon Castle, Soldier Fighter; Conic- Monster Game; Gakken- Poker; Grandstand- Krazy Kong; Konami- Asterix; Liwaco- Racing Car; Masudaya- Eagle N Chicken, Kung Fu, Space Rescue, Space Shield; Mattel- Bee Gees Rhythm Machine, Computer Gin II (Prototype); MGA- Ninja Spirit; Tiger- Caveman, Nights into Dreams; Misc Games: Castle Toys Newport 500, Commodoor Cat N Mouse, GAMAtronic Game Computer-II, Goliath Delphine, Grip Leno Derby Game/Hunter Game/Joyful Game/Space Vader/Torpedo Attack, Hanzawa Racingcar Turbo, Remco Double Dare; Unknown games: Ozbozz, Space Raider, Tama & Friends.

10/08/01- Well, it certainly has been a while since I've posted updates (I have been occasionally updating pictures though). Today I updated the Gakken Basketball VFD, Defender, Space Invader and Super Cobra pictures as I recently received my MIB ones. I have about 100 pictures to add to the site (mostly better versions of current pics, but some new additions as well). I've also decided to add all the Nintendo G&W games to help make this site a complete, one-stop resource for all handhelds. I'll be uploading a new version of FAQ soon as well, hopefully I'll get some new stuff other than just new games (like more info on repairing certain types, etc...). That's the plan anyway, we'll see if I actually pull it off in a timely manner... :)

Handheld Museum August 2001 updates.

08/16/01- Added some pictures from the Classic Gaming Expo 2001, I will be adding more soon.

08/15/01- Being silly today, added a couple of shots of me at the Red Dragon Casino in Las Vegas (You'd have to see Rush Hour 2 to really get the joke here, click on the page to check it out. :). Also added a picture and some information about the Color Vectrex to my feeble Vectrex page...

08/09/01- Last minute updates before the Vegas show! :) Added: Casio- Great Racer, Fire Rescue; Grandstand- Wicked Blocks; Tomy- Desert Race; Misc games: Inno-Hit Bull Fight, Lansay Tremblement de Terre, Schuco Pocket Pac Man, Wing Group Space Shuttle; Unknown games: Chocoball, Motor Cross. Added 3 Guts pictures: Bandai FL Burgertime (VFD), Misc Wing Group Space Shuttle (VFD), Tsukuda The Dracula.

Handheld Museum July 2001 updates.

07/19/01- Getting ready for Classic Gaming Expo in two weeks in Las Vegas, who's going? (www.cgexpo.com for more info) Added: Casio- Rabbit Farm; Coleco- Swat Swat the Mosquito (finally got one of these, added pics of a beat-up box); Gakken- Added pic of Football VFD; Grandstand- Game Player & carts; Tandy- Astro; Tiger- Outrun F1, Simon's Quest, Sub Wars (LED); Vtech- Caccia al Ladro w/ Isidoro & Sonja (Heathcliff), Hot Line, Swifter.

07/09/01- Added some manuals: Coleco Head to Head Baseball (and the Manager Handbook), & Entex Turtles. (I'm planning on taking down the 'Repro' versions of the manuals, would anyone miss these?) Things are kind of slowing down around here... After last month's huge update, I cleared out my 'pictures to add' directory, and I just haven't been finding a lot of new stuff to add in... I guess that's good in a way, maybe this site is actually starting to be a complete information archive... But don't worry, I'm still here and adding things as I find them. Hopefully I'll get my scanner set up again and start adding more manuals again as well.

Handheld Museum June 2001 updates.

06/17/01- MAJOR UPDATES! :) New version of the FAQ has been posted, read the What's New for future release info... Added: Bandai- Card Baseball; Conic- I.Q.; Epoch- FBI, Le Heros Grec; Gakken- Football (no pic yet), Space Invader; Matsushima- Cosmo Champion; Mattel- Diet Trac, Ultra Dome; Mego- Star Trek Phaser Battle; Milton Bradley- Microvision Canadian and Italian cartridges, Star Bird, Star Bird Space Avenger, Star Bird Space Intruder; Parker Brothers- Ghostbusters Dodge in the Dark; Sears- Blast It, Rocket Launch; Tiger- Jawbreaker and Smurfs tabletop games; Tomy- 3D Cosmo Lemans, 3D Dog Fight, Tricky Traps; Tronica- Thief in Garden; Tsukuda- Computer Othello; Misc games: Koala Toys Multi Sport 7, Ludotronic Basketball/Cowboy/Evasion/Insomnie/Savane, Nikko Mini Vader, Remco Robocop, Romtec Colorvision, Schuco Space Panic/Tarzan, Sharp Wondertopia, Shinsei Doremifa Touch/Pomcard 5/Warp Invader/Yosaku To Donbei, TI Mr. Challenger, Toytronic Encore/Spaceship Pinball, Virca Pantera Rosa (Pink Panther), Vulcan XL25. Unknown Games: 3-in-1 Cartridge, Car Race Game, Derby Game, Funky Kong, M&M, Octopus, Pizza, Ren & Stimpy, Space Robot, Space Shuttle (VFD), Super Micro Cartridge, UFO Challenger.

Handheld Museum May 2001 updates.

05/23/01- Added: Bandai- Football, Mobile Suit Z Gundam, Ulra Man (Tin can); Entex- Basketball 2; Epoch- Detective, Doraemon Get Lost In Maze, Enthusiastic Steward, Lupin III; Gakken- Baseball; Grandstand- The Jungle Book, King Kong Jungle; Mego- Star Trek Command Communications Console; Namco- Chibimaruko; Nelsonic- Ghostbusters; Sunwing- Jungle; Q&Q- Circus Circus, Time Warp; Tiger- Beetlejuice, Mars Attacks!, Shinobi; Tsukuda- Othello Keychain; VTech- Dragon Castle Calculator, Mini Wizard; Yonezawa- West Police (Multiboy). Misc games: Bestech Missile, Playtime Light Games, Sega Pods; Guts Images: Gakken Paint Roller, Tsukuda Game Pachinko (VFD).

05/08/01- Small update, but some of you will care: I found (and added) the Mattel Football Keychain. (Tiny re-release of the original Football game, yeah, it's cute...)

05/06/01(am)- FINALLY, got the main link to the website working again... You can now go back to using www.handheldmuseum.com to get here! I'll probably have more updates tonight, and hopefully a new FAQ update soon as well.

05/04/01- Well, finally got to do some more updates. With the main link not working, I haven't been too motivated, but I just transferred the domain to a new server today, so within 48 hours it should be working again. Click on the Philly banner above to view a page of pictures from the Philly Classic event, including pictures of Michael Roberts (EmeraldR) huge handheld collection (he rivals my collection! :). As for todays new updates, the most interesting (to me) are several packaging variations that already exist for Mattel's Classic Football, finally got pictures of the packaging for Mattel's Burgertime and Masters of the Universe (Thanks to EmeraldR!), and a completely new version of Entex's Defender! (Again, thanks to EmeraldR, I've never seen this version anywhere before...) Here's a complete list of the updates: Bandai- Koneko Club, Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78, Oba Qi I Have Disappeared, Pipe Line (same as Frisky Tom LCD), Pro Bowling, Track & Field Running Type; Casio- Canoe Slalom, Moon Fight Robot, Suspension Bridgeman; Entex- Defender (Different); Epoch- Space Defender (LCD); Misc- Dynamic Toys Electronic Soccer, Ideal Sky-Writer, K-Mart Dunk 'N Sunk. Also some great pictures of one of 2 known working prototypes of Atari's lost Cosmos game (check it out under Misc. Games).

Handheld Museum April 2001 updates.

04/08/01- (More today) Added a Wanted Games list. Added: Q&Q and Yonezawa section and all games. Misc- RDI Halcyon Laserdisc system, Talbot 2 Player Baseball, TI Dataman, TI Wiz-a-Tron, Toyo Suisan Hockey.

04/08/01- Added: Acclaim- Big Foot; Bambino- Baseball, Blackjack (prototype pics); Bandai- Delta End, ESP Boy; Fight! (Triple Vision), Terrahawks; Epoch- Baseball Dog Race Kyojin (Japanese), Mini Arcade; Grandstand- Stingray: Seek & Destroy; Mattel- Formula Racer, Space Battle (Prototype images); Misc- Bronza Hunter, Castle Toy Name That Tune, Cosmos UFO, McDonald's Work Challenge, National Semiconductor Racer, Onkyo Super Space Jack; SystemA- Bank Raid, Mighty Max in Skull Dungeon, Pirates of Dark Water; Tandy- Adventurist Jones, Championship Electronic Baseball, Helicopter Attack, Repeat, Speedway, Tounrnament Bowling; Tronica- Diver's Adventure, Space Mission, Space Rescue, Thunder Ball; Vtech- Computron, Cops Chase.

04/04/01- In the process of moving the main page over to a different server. This will eliminate the second window that keeps popping up. There may be a 24-48 hour period of down time while this happens... Added: Sunwing- Marshal, Nursery, Pirate, Star War; Tomy- Cyclone 2, Galaxian (metal ball game), Mickey Mouse: Orange Express, Runaway Rocket, The Shaolin Temple, Tuxedo Sam Doki Doki Gerende; Tsukuda- Better pic of Game Pachinko (VFD) (finally got one of these), Othello M-II, Super Othello.

Handheld Museum March 2001 updates.

03/25/01- More updates, trying to get as many as possible tonight... Added the following games/pictures: Bandai- Animest Powerman, Captain Power, Draculajoh (LCD), Mole Patrol, My Fiance (very rare game), Perfect Baseball, Pro Bowler; CGL- M5 Personal Computer; Coleco- Flash Wits; Grandstand- Thunderbirds Walkie Talkies :); Liwaco- Hamburger, Le Mur; Masudaya- Fish Catching, Jungle Adventure, Kitchen, Space Station, Stone Age, Under Construction; Matsushima- Apple, Barrier, Car Race (POP Game version); MB- Big Trak, Cosmic Commander Atari 2600 controller, Milton; MGA- Ace Ventura, Flash Gordon, Mission: Impossible, Turtle Mania; Misc- Acetronic Monkey; Parker Brothers- ROM The Space Knight, Sorry.

03/13/01- Hi, still here... :) Not nearly as much time to spend on the site with the new job, sorry... I added better pics of Bandai- Burgertime VFD, Frisky Tom LCD, Speed Gun (finally managed to get all these...)

Handheld Museum February 2001 updates.

02/20/01- Trying to cram in some updates here... :) Added Bandai- Animest Doraemon Dorayaki House, Animest Dr. Slump Hoyoyo Bomber, Catch A Coke, Jungle Panic Amidahebi, Tama & Friends Will You Know, Toukon Jyuohmaru; Casio- Magical Crystal; Epoch- Balloon Adventure, Busy Cats, Castel Venture, Monkey Jump, Puzzle 56, Superman, Super Shot Golf, Triple In Doraemon, Triple In Mickey Mouse; Grandstand- Captain Scarlet Lunarville, Captain Scarlet Manhunt, Formula One Racing, Jack & the Beanstalk, Match of the Day Soccer; Misc- Acer Baseball, Elite Fussball, Elite Raumfahrt Rettung, ERS Basketball, Futuretronics Towering Rescue, Gaf Melody Madness, GAMAtronic Astro Command, GAMAtronic Richman, Hales Astro Blaster, Harada Cat vs Mice, Hasbro Mr. Potato Head, Kawasaki Igo Trainer, Kenner Star Wars Battle Command, KFC Super Pinball, Lakeside Computer Perfection, Lansay Grand Prix, Lansay Kitchen Panic.

02/17/01- Updates will be slow over the next few weeks, got a new job, moving to another state... :) Added the following manuals: Epoch- Dracula; Mattel- Computer Gin, Football 2; Regency- Power Pigskin (that football shaped handheld); Tandy- Cosmic 1000 Fire Away.

02/14/01- I added the link to the Mattel trivia and stories. Anyone that likes the Mattel games should give it a read, it's pretty interesting stuff. :)

02/11/01- Added Bandai- Akuryo No Yakata, Animest: Battle Slugger, Basketball LCD, Derby, Destruction!, Digi Casse A & B, Good vs Evil Syusyutori, Hyper Skiing, Men in Black, Mobile Suit Gundam LCD, Monkey Business Watch, Perfect Pachinko, Tondeke Parman; Casio- Boxing BG-15, Mad Fighter, Missile Defender; CGL- Jet Fighters; Conic- Destroyer; Gakken- Basketball VFD, Soccer VFD (well, moved it from Unknown); Lots of Tiger games including Smurf and Space Invaders. To the Misc section, I added Regency Electronics- Power Pigskin, Computer Baseball and Harlem Globetrotters' Basketball (finally found out who made these!).

02/09/01- Added Acclaim (catagory and games); Mattel Ticker Tape Fever and revamped many of the Mattel pages with info a fixes.

02/07/01- Added a bunch of manuals today: Entex- Pac Man 2, Space Invader, Tennis; Mattel- Armor Battle, Auto Race, Basketball, Football, Funtronics Red Light/Green Light, Hockey, Ski Slalom, Sub Chase; Tomy- Digital Daredevil.

02/06/01- Finally got the new version of the FAQ posted. Many new games added, and lots of other game info updated over the past couple of months. I updated the pic above of my recent games for those that are interested. Added these manuals: Bambino- UFO Master Blaster; Castle Toy- Kingpin II; Mattel- Speed Freak; Tomy- Caveman.

02/01/01- New FAQ will be posted in a few days, bunch of new games added. Added the following pics to the website (some of these are some nice new pictures, check 'em out!): Entex- Defender II, Turtles II; Gakken- Backgammon, Black Jack, Igo Trainer, Jet Fighter; Mattel- Horse Race Analyzer; Tomy- Bombman, Monster Burger, Tuxedo Sam: Sunday Road.

Handheld Museum January 2001 updates.

01/27/01- Added Entex- 3D Grand Prix, Black Knight Pinball, Treasure Quest, Video Space Battle (all from a dealer catalog, check 'em out! Does anyone actually have any of these?)

01/25/01- Added some neat Mattel stuff- Catastrophe, Flash Gordon, Look Alive Baseball, Look Alive Basketball (all prototype catalog photos), and the 1,000,000th Football game to the Prototype page.

01/22/01- Added Sunwing- G. I. Combat, Ocean Rescuer, Soccer, Super Cop, Tarzan Jr. Treasure Island; Systema- Made a new category & added Back to the Future III, Dr. Who, Pinball; Tandy- Air Bomber, Air War, Ambulance, Brain Drain, Buggy Quest, Cosmic Quest, Cycle Speedway, Frog Crossing, Invasion Force.

01/21/01- Added Bandai- Cross Attack, Space Guardian Gundam (VFD), Torpedo Shoot; Casio- Apple Catch, Penguin Junior; Epoch- Galaxie 2, Multi Game 7, Space Racer; Gakken- Invader 2000; Grandstand- Back to the Heaven; Liwaco- Flower Garden, Lucky Pirates; MB- Light Fight; MGA- Ghostbusters 2, Ms. Pac Man, ReBoot; Mego- Exterminator, Fireman Fireman, Flag Man, Toss-Up; Nelsonic- Donkey Kong, Dukes of Hazard, Power Rangers, Star Trek II, Super Mario Race, Tetris, Zelda; Tiger- Miner 2049er and several others. Added some manuals: CGL- Galaxy Twinvader; Rosy- Astro Vader 3D, Puck 'n Monster 3D, Space Galaxy 3D.

01/18/01- Added Casio- Boxing/Calc BG-8; Coleco- Swat Swat the Mosquito; MGA- Star Wars; Tiger- Double Dragon, Head to Head Talking Football. Also added some manauls: Coleco- Total Control 4 (all 3 books); Epoch- Professional; Grandstand- BMX Burner.

01/17/01- Added Bandai- Challenge Golf, Mask Rider Black, Nazano Chinbotsusen, Nazano Pyramid, Tengoku & Jingoku, U-Boat (LCD); Epoch- Air Attack, Fighting Hero; MGA- Babylon 5; Tiger- Several LCD games (this will be an ongoing thing, just keep looking if you like these); Tomy- Yashinomi; Tronica- Shuttle Voyage; Tsukuda- Othello (Tiny); Unknown- Mr. Cat, Police Patrol, Rocket. Also added these games to the Misc games section: Acclaim Ring King, Animest Mikketekids, Commodoor A-Man, Conso Space Shuttle watch, Futuretronics Pac Man, GAMAtronic BMX Racing, Game & Time Sea Rescue/Sleeping Beauty, Gongoll Frog Prince, Kenner Long Beach Grand Prix, Lansay Snow Monster, Ludotronic Hold Up, Micom Baseball, Remco The Real Ghostbusters, Straco Football, Toybox Space Chaser, Vanity Fair Electron Blaster. Added the following new main menu categories and games: Liwaco, Matsushima, Sunwing, Takatoku.

01/16/01- Added some manuals: Bambino- Classic Football; Coleco- Electronic Quarterback, Total Control 4 Playing Hints (rest of the manual up soon); Epoch- Invader from Space; Fonas- Tri-1; Mattel- Basketball 2, Brain Baffler.

01/15/01- Huge amounts of updates, read carefully... :) Added Bandai- Baseball (LED), Dragonball, Gundam Gelgooz vs Zaku, Hero Stadium Baseball, Notirus Attack, Pachinko Star Wing, Solar Derby; Casio- Baseball (BB-9); Epoch- Astro Wars (VFD); Gakken- Tom & Jerry Pinball; Galoob- MVP Hockey, MVP Soccer (and made Galoob a Main Menu category); Konami- Tutankham; Masudaya- New Main Menu category; MGA- New Main Manu category; Nelsonic- New Main Menu category; Nintendo- Computer Mahjong; Sears- Cosmic Pinball, Football (LED); Tiger- 7-in-1 Sports Stadium, King Kong (Orlitronic), Marble Madness, Nightmare Before Christmas, R-Zone Super Screen, Sub Wars, Tennis Live!; Tomy- Blip World Tennis (Japanese), Black Rider (Japanese Digital Daredevil), Hello Kitty box pics, Torpedo Terror, Yeeaghh!; Tronica- Defence Munitions, Motorcycles Race, Spider; Tsukuda- Othello G-5; Unknowns: Defender Strikes, Digi Casse, Doraemon (promo), Hunter Game, Space Bomber, Space Vader. Still have about 50 more games to add... That's all for today though, that should keep you busy. :)

01/09/01- Happy New Year! Another year passes, and the world is still here... Sorry guys! :) Updates will start happening again (and I have quite a bit to get caught up on... this almost feels like a job!). For today, I've added some better picks of the Mattel Classic Football 2000 release (and corrected some info, it really is LCD...) and also a Guts pic for those that are interested. Also added a few manuals: Coleco- Bowlatronic, Head to Head Hockey; Mattel- Bowling.

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