Entex Pac Man 2 / Hungry Pac (1980, VFD, 4 C Batteries, Model# 6068)
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Case and electronics designed and programmed by Entex Tokyo

Entex Pac Man 2, based on Bally/Midway's Pac Man arcade game. Called Pac Man 2 becuase it allowed two people to play at once (there is no 'Pac Man 1'). Player one would be the Pac Man, player two would be the ghost chasing him (in this mode, there is only the one ghost). One player could also play Pac Man normally with the difficulty setting determining whether there are 2, 3, or 4 ghosts chasing you. As you get to the higher levels, the speed increases to make it more difficult (and it gets really fast...). This is the one I had as a kid, so it's my favorite, and I personally believe this Pac Man has the best playfield of any of the handheld Pac Man games (it seems to be the closest to the arcade game)... It was also released in Japan with a different name: Hungry Pac (see bottom of page). Check out the Guts section to see the inside of this game!

Here's a closeup of the playfield. (Two different display versions exist, one with the pacman's all blue, the other with them all red- see below:)

This is the Japanese version, called Hungry Pac:

Here's the instruction sticker on the bottom:

Do I have this? Yes, PacMan2 boxed, one loose (with the red Pac Mans) & Hungry Pac loose.

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