Game Guts!

Format here slowly changing, see the Bandai FL Zaxxon for what will happen to most of these... (hopefully)

Check out the inside of your games without having to actually open them! Click on any picture to go to the main page for that particular game. (Naturally, this section will probably only feature games I actually have, unless someone else is willing to open their's for pictures... :) (More soon, and I may change the format of this page...)

Actronics Dig N Picman (Click HERE for dis-assembly instructions):

Actronics Hungry Pac 2:

Actronics Twinvader III:

Bambino Superstar Football:

Bandai Block Out:

Bandai FL Burgertime (VFD):

Bandai Dokodemo Dorayaki Doraemon:

Bandai Galaxian:

Bandai Flight Time:

Bandai Hokuto vs Nanto Taiketso 5 (CPU: NEC D7527C):

Bandai Kampf Der Monster:

Bandai Packri Monster:

Bandai Pengo (VFD):

Bandai Space Chaser (notice the mirror used to reflect the LED display):

Bandai U-Boat (Notice, single VFD display in center, visible from both sides):

Bandai FL Zaxxon (Click HERE for more Guts pics of this game)

CGL (and Gakken) Amidar:

CGL Earth Invaders:

CGL Galaxy Twinvader:

CGL Super Kong

Coleco Alien Attack:

Coleco Galaxian (Donkey Kong, Frogger, Pac Man & Ms Pac Man are similar):

Coleco Zaxxon (Notice the two VFD displays seperated by a mirror, click for more info):

Entex Pac Man 2:

Entex Select a Game Machine:

Entex Spiders:

Entex Stargate:

Epoch Football:

Gakken Paint Roller:

Gakken Super Cobra:

GCE Game Time Watch. Lots of little parts, I don't recommend taking this apart unless it's absolutely necessary:

Goliath Lucky Pucky:

Grandstand Astro Wars (Epoch Galaxy II):

Grandstand Big Game Soccer:

Grandstand Firefox F-7 (Tandy Astro Thunder):

Kenner Red Line:

Konami Gradius (and most all of their handhelds):

Mattel Bowling (partially mechanical game):

Mattel Classic Baseball (Notice they went with LEDs instead of LCD on this one):

Mattel Classic Football (Click for lots of info):

Mattel Soccer 2 (Most of the sports games look similar):

Mego MiniVid Breakfree:

Mego Mini Vid Sea Battle:

Nintendo Tabletops (Donkey Kong Jr, Mario's Cement Factory, Popeye, Snoopy):

Onko Super Space Jack:

Parker Brothers Q*Bert:

Tandy Kingman:

Tomy Cosmic Combat:

Tomy Mr Go! (Mr Do!): (The color overlay and the LCD panel are at the top, removed so you can see the flourescent light that provides the backlighting for this game.)

Tomy Pac Man:

Tsukuda Game Pachinko:

Tsukuda The Dracula:

Wing Group Space Shuttle:

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