Bandai Hokuto vs Nanto Taiketsu 5 (1985, VFD, 4 C Batteries, Model# 0203571)

There are two different head to head type games in this series (and a 3rd which is just a foreign variation): Gundam vs Gelgooz Zaku, Hokuto vs Nanto Taiketsu 5 and Space Guardian Gundam. Space Guardian Gundam and Gundam vs Gelgooz Zaku are the exact same game, just different colors. This one is based on the Japanese anime Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star). (It looks like it has two VFD displays, but it's actually one VFD display manufactured in a way that it can be seen from both sides.) Play head-to-head against another player, or select Hokuto or Nanto and play against the computer. Check out the Guts section to see the inside of this game. (Interesting note: The CPU of this game, NEC D7527C, was also discovered by a reader in an oven clock dated 1987 (NEC D7527CU). I'd venture a guess that this game is based on a clock circuitry of some kind, similar to the early Mattel games being made from calculators...)

Box front:

Box side:

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