Tsukuda The Dracula (19xx, VFD, 4 C Batteries, Model# ?)

One of two games with this design released in Japan by Tsukuda (the other is The Great Escape), it's basically a Pac Man clone with a few features, not all the creatures kill you (at least right away), and you have a time limit. I think the object is to collect all the items and get back in your coffin before the moon sets (and the sun comes up), as indicated by the half-circle in the upper-right of the screen with the moon slowly moving over it (I don't know for sure, all the directions are in Japanese). Another interesting feature is that the game can pop out of part of it's casing to make it smaller (see pics). I'm not sure what the real purpose of this is, why not just make it small and leave it that way? (The Great Escape is the same way). Mine has a black removable frame, the last picture shows an actual game with an orange frame (like on the front of the box), and there is a white one pictured on the back. Proof of at least two of these colors in the photos, I don't know about the white one (although The Great Escape has a white one, so I guess you could get it there...) Check out the Guts section to see the inside of this game! Released in France/Europe by Euro Toy as Dracula.

Back of the box:

Also released in Europe by Euro Toy and also in Germany by Schmidt Electronics:

Do I have this? Yes, this is mine in the pictures. (Except the orange one at the bottom)

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