Mattel's Classic Football (2000, LCD, 2 AA Batteries, Model# 29246)

The Football Keychain is also widely available at all game/toy locations. I listed it seperately, so check it out from the Mattel index page.

Recent updates: Still being released at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. (as of 8-27-01) at $12.97. I have already found THREE packaging variations for this game, they are all pictured at the bottom of the page.

This was released as a Wal-Mart only exclusive (retail price is $12.97) right around December, 2000. It's now available anywhere handheld games are sold (Target, Toys R Us, etc). This is Mattel's own re-released of their original LED game Football, although this is a fairly cheesy LCD version. The LCD is back-lit with 6 red LEDs to give it a simulated appearance of the original game (which, while makes it playable in dark places, causes it look horrible because the entire football field glows an eerie red, not just the blips like the original). Otherwise, it appears exactly the same except for the stickers that identify the game and this one runs on 2 AA batteries, not a 9-volt like the original. The case is different where the battery cover is located, so you can't use the case or the battery cover on an original 1977 Football game (this battery cover screws on, and it screws into a piece of metal, not just the plastic case, thus making it significantly more durable). I like that they left the 'No TV set required' quote on the back of the box. It is blister packed (as seen in the pics) and would be located in the same section as all the other handhelds in the toy section. (Internal picture at the bottom and on the Guts page.)

Collector warning: This game is packaged with 2 AA batteries installed. Even if always left turned off, these will most likely begin to corrode and destroy the inside of the game after a few years (or possibly a lot sooner). You are left with the dilemma of deciding to keep it mint-in-package and hope it never goes bad, or trying to open it as cleanly as possible to remove the batteries. Mattel obviously wasn't thinking of collectors when they packaged this.

'The electronic game that started it all for Mattel!' (Even though it's not techinically the first game they released (that would be Auto Race), it was just the first to get really popular.)

Here's a picture of the inside of this game (thank you Mattel for using normal screws): The LCD panel has been removed and placed below the game so you can see the circuitry better. Mattel used the exact same kind of buttons instead of rubber membranes or micro-switches (to keep it feeling as original as possible I assume). The 3 objects on the left and right edges of the top circuit board (kind of 'L' shaped) are the 6 LEDs that provide the back-lighting for the LCD.

Packaging variations below. Notice on the first one the plastic blister pack covers the entire piece of cardboard, not just hugging around the game like the original package above. The second one (3rd variation) has the playing keys exposed to allow people to play the game in the store (and the addition of the 'Try Me!' card). This 3rd version is also packaged turned on, but the game shuts itself off after a few minutes of no activity (I haven't tested the original versions to see if they also do this or not...)

Also recently found packaged in a 2-pack with Baseball:

Do I have this? Yes, new, all 3 packaging variations.

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