Mattel's Classic Baseball (2001, LCD, 2 AA Batteries, Model# 43386)
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Mattel has released another Classic handheld game: Baseball! Currently available at Wal-Mart and Target stores for $11.99 (and probably other locations). This one is a little better than Classic Football in that it has actual LEDs for the playing field, instead of the backlit LCD that Football has. Only the score board is an LCD.

Collector warning: This game is packaged with 2 AA batteries installed. Even if always left turned off, these will most likely begin to corrode and destroy the inside of the game after a few years (or possibly a lot sooner). You are left with the dilemma of deciding to keep it mint-in-package and hope it never goes bad, or trying to open it as cleanly as possible to remove the batteries. Mattel obviously wasn't thinking of collectors when they packaged this.

Also recently found packaged in a 2-pack with Baseball:

Do I have this? Yes, sealed and loose.

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