Bandai FL Zaxxon Guts!

This game has a unique way of getting a 3-D effect using a single VFD and a semi-transparent mirror placed vertically in the center of it. (Click the picture for more info). Dis-assembly of this game is fairly straight forward- 6 phillips screws on the bottom, opening upside-down will leave all the controls in the top half (if you open it right-side up, they will just be laying all over the control panel circuit board). 4 phillips screws (all facing upward) remove the mirror hood (there are two screws facing to the sides that hold the two halves of the hood together, but due to the stickers around the playing field, you can't seperate these parts anyway). 4 phillips screws around the control panel and 4 around the display will free up all the circuitry (except for the wires to the speaker and the battery compartment which would need to be de-soldered to remove). The only thing to watch for on this game is the mirror itself, it will slide out of the plastic hood it's in, and it has a front and back. If you put it in backwards, all the ships that are reflected into it will have a ghost-like double image. Flip the mirror around and it should look fine. As always, be careful re-inserting the screws, the holes will strip VERY easily. There should be almost no resistance to turning the screw. If there is, back it out all the way and keep turning until you feel a gentle bump, then start turning the correct way and it should go in very easily. Don't over tighten, just barely after it stops moving is all you need to do.

Here you can see the single VFD, and if you look close you will see that the score board is on the bottom, and upsidedown. The lower half of the VFD is reflected onto a mirror.

Here is a picture with the mirror hood re-installed, most of the playfield image you see here is a reflection in a little mirror.

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