Epoch Game Pocket Computer (1984, LCD, 4 AA Batteries, Model# ?)

Cartridge based game system, shown with Block Maze cartridge. The system didn't come with a cartridge, just the built in games as listed below, but it did come with a 'dummy' carrtidge to fill the space. System has an LCD screen with 75x64 resolution. I believe there are only 5 games that were made for this system: Astro Bomber (Like Scramble), Block Maze (sort of like Pac Man), Mahjong, Reversi (Othello) and Store Keepers. The built in games are a puzzle game and a simple paint program. Thanks to www.handheldfree.com for the Store Keepers box pics!

Here's the fifth cart: Store Keepers (this is the hardest game to find for this system):

Do I have this? No.

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