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Epoch Handheld Games (119 Listed + Japanese games)

View Epoch's 1980 Japanese Game & Toy catalog / View an 8-page 1984 Japanese flyer

Epoch licensed many games to several different companies like Grandstand, Tandy (Radio Shack), and probably others.

2 Game Karate School
Adventure of Jack, The
Adventure Zone
Ahiru No Pekkle
Air Attack
Ali Baba and the Oil Stealers
Angel Kids
Astro Command
Astro Cop
Astro Thunder 7
Astro Wars
Astro Wars (VFD)
Balloon Adventure
Baseball, Digit-Com 9
Baseball Game
Baseball Dog Race Kyojin
Big Maze (Lost in Space)
Black Bomber
BMX Super Champion
Busy Cats
Casino 21
Castle Venture
Computer Baseball
Computer Beam Gun Professional
Cross Highway
Derby Race
Digit Com Block
Digit Com Fighter
Digit Com Lupin
Donald & Goofy
Doraemon games
Doraemon: Labyrinth of Tinplate
Doraemon: No Bouken Maze
Doraemon: Pac Pac Doraemon
Doraemon: Slot Machine
Dracula House
Dynamic Baseball
Enthusiastic Steward
Epoch-Man (Pocket)
Exciting Baseball
Fighting Hero
Fights of the Titan
Galaga 2nd Generation
Galaga X6
Galaxie 2
Galaxy II
Game Box 7
Game Box Penta
Game Center 80s Stage 1
Game Center 80s Stage 2
Game Center 80s Stage 3
Game Pocket Computer
Iga No Kabamaru
Invader From Space
Jack and the Beanstalk
Japanese Games
J. League Soccer
Jungle Hero
King Kong Jungle
King Kong New York
Le Heros Grec
Lupin III
Lupin III: Golden Arm
Math Master
Mickey & Minnie
Mickey Mouse (3 different)
Mini-Arcade (Pac Man clone)
Minna No Tabo
Mogura Punch
Money Panic
Monkey Jump
Monster Panic
Mr. Richman
Mr. Woodman
Multi Game 7
Mystery Mansion
Naughty Monkey
Oil Gang
Pak Pak Man
Pak Pak Man II
Peach Boy Legend
Penguin Restaurant
Penguin Story, The
Perfect Bowling
Pocket E-Man
Puzzle 56
Sam the Olympic Eagle: Rings
Sam the Olympic Eagle: Torch
Soccer, Exciting Game
Soccer USA 94
Space Defender (LCD)
Space Defender (VFD)
Space Dragon
Space Panic
Space Racer
Star Force
Submarine Rescue
Super Puzzle Master
Super Shot Golf
Tom & Jerry
Triple In: Doraemon
Triple In: Mickey Mouse
Watermelon Panic
X-4 Bomber
Zig-Zag Monster

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