Cragstan Periscope-Firing Range (196?, Lights, 2 D Batteries, Model# 40220)

This is significant becuase it would seem to the first electronic battery powered game (although it's electro-mechanical, so it's not the first ALL electronic game, that's still Mattel's Auto Race). At least, it's the oldest one that I've found so far. More of a tabletop than a handheld, this was built in the 1960's, and the whole case is metal and it also came with a tri-pod so it would stand about 10 inches off the table. The game play is pretty simple, when you press the Start button, a 'film-strip' of ships starts to move with a light behind it. When you press the Fire button, a red light flashes beneath the ships and makes a loud noise (obviously mechanical in nature). That's it... no scoring or actual indication of hiting or missing ships, just noise and a light. :) There doesn't appear to be a way to open it and replace the lights though, and considering the age, I'm sure they are normal light bulbs... Thanks to Steve Read of for finding the game and sending me my original set of pictures.

This image is of a different design, seems to be about the same but you can see the ships without having to look through an eyepiece.

Do I have this? Yes, top version boxed.

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