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Misc Handheld Games (324 listed)

These are games that I only know of a few by any given manufacturer (if I find several, they may get their own catagory on the main page). They are listed by manufacturer first, then game title.

Acer- Baseball
Acetronic- Banana
Acetronic- Escape
Acetronic- Monkey
Action GT- Black Belt
Action GT- Computer Perfection
Action GT- Strobe
Addex- Fire! Fire!
Advance- Car Race (Watch)
AHI- Baseball (Competition II)
AHTI- Horse Race Analyzer
Alba- Alien Number Game (Watch)
Alba- Baseball (Watch)
Alba- Football (Watch)
Alba- Mamagon (Watch)
Alba- Soccer (Watch)
Alba- Voice & Game (Watch)
Alps- Action Racer
Alps- Action Rider
Alps- Space Pinball
Alps- UFO Abwehr
Altic- Grenouille
Altic- Jungle 777
Altic- Kung Fu
Altic- Submarine Game
Amelia- Space Invader/Block Buster
Amico- Baseball (LED)
A-One- Arrange Ball
A-One- Match Number
APF- Mathemagician
Arax- Car Racing
Arax- Geisterjäger
Arax- Raum Fahrt
Armitron- Piano Game (Watch)
Armitron- Saturn I (Watch)
Ataboy- Cat & Mouse
Audio Sonic- A-Man
Auto Arcade- U.F.O.
Auvi- Home Sweet Home
Axlon- Compurobot
Bronza- Hunter
Bronza- Police Patrol
Bronza- Rodeo
Bronza- Safari
BTG- Combat Game
BTG- Dinosaur Game
BTG- Missile Attack
BTG- Safari Game
BTG- Submarine Game
Cadaco- Foto-Electronic Bowling
Canon- Snoopy (Calculator)
Capiepa- Master Mind des Chiffres
Caprice- Pro Action Baseball
Caprice- Pro Action Strategy Baseball
Caprice- Pro Action Football
Caprice- Pro Action Soccer
Caprice- Star Command Space Probe
Cardinal- Basketball
Cardinal- Football
Ceji- Karateka
Cheryco- Game Machine
Cheryco- Monkey Jump
Clock Game- Space War Amigo
Collins- Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Watch)
CompuChron- Space Raider (Watch)
Conso- Space Shuttle Watch
Cosmos- UFO
Cragstan- Periscope-Firing Range
Cresta- Clown
Cresta- Jungle Kong
Cresta- Pac Man
Cresta- Pink Panther
DCS- Compu Chess
Dujardin- Harry Champion Solitaire
Dynamic Toys- Dynamic Race
Dynamic Toys- Electronic Hockey
Dynamic Toys- Electronic Pinball
Dynamic Toys- Electronic Soccer
Dynamic Toys- Witty
EACA- Codemaster
Ecstoy- Pac III
Ectron- Alien
Ectron- Honky Ponky
Ectron- Mad Mad Coaster
Ectron- Pac Man
Ectron- Plane & Tank Battle
Electro Home- Electro Dice Machine
Electroplay- Pass Me!
Elekit- Kid's Adventure (kit games)
Elekit- Motor Cycle (kit games)
Elektronica- Auto Slalom
Elektronica- (Egg clone)
Elektronica- Kitchen Panic
Elektronica- Space Flight
Elite- Delphine
Elite- Fussball
Elite- Raumfahrt Rettung
Enterprex- Black Jack Calculator
ERS- Auto Race
ERS- Basketball
ERS- Football
ERS- Football, 2 Player
ERS- Superbowl XV Football
ETIC- Astro Destroyers
Eurosonic- Pucki & Monsters
Euro Toy- Dracula
Excalibur- Frogger (New, Coleco clone)
Excalibur- Space Invaders
Excalibur- Stewie Pinball
Feu Vert- Highway
Finkel- Space Age Hangman
Fonas- 3-in-1 Sports
Fonas- Baseball
Fonas- Tri-1
Four Star- Baseball 3
Four Star- Space War
Fun & Time- Number Invader
Futuretronics- Caveman
Futuretronics- Pac Man
Futuretronics- Pac Man-I
Futuretronics- Towering Rescue
Gaf- Melody Madness
Galaxy Elec.- Galaxy Game 2001
Galaxy Elec.- Space Invaders
Game & Time- Astro Destroyers
Game & Time- Sea Rescue
Game & Time- Sleeping Beauty
Game Wizard- Cat and Mice
Game Wizard- Frog
Game Wizard- Space Rescue
Gegu- Tarzan Jr.
Go- Pocket Repeat
GoldStar- Jumper
Goliath- Delphine
Goliath- Froschjagd
Goliath- Lucky Pucky
Gongoll- Frog Prince
Hales- Astro Blaster
Hales- Dracula
Hales- Steeple Jack
Halion- Pac Man (LCD)
Halion- Q*Bert (LCD)
Hana- Star Force
Hanimex- Astro Destroyers
Hanimex- Numbers Game
Hanimex- Sea Rescue
Hanimex- Sleeping Beauty
Hanimex- Snow White
Hanimex- Stock Car
Harada- Cat vs Mice
Hartung- Power Play LCD Game
Hasbro- Mr Potato Head
Hiro- Block Destroying
Hiro- Space Invaders
Hiro- Tetris
Hiro- Tetris Jr.
Hiro- Tetris Jr. 2
Hiro- To To
Home Computer SW- Super Micro Cartridge
House of Games- Hockey 2
House of Games- Mini Game Machine
House of Games- Sports Center
Ideal- Maniac
Ideal- Sky-Writer
Imado- Clown (Watch)
Imaginamics- One Fingered Bandit
Inno-Hit- Bull Fight
Intel- Supermind #369
Interstate- Soccer
Intertronic- Seaforce
Invicta- Electronic Master Mind
Invicta- Super Sonic Electronic Master Mind
ITMC- La Guerre Des Astres
ITMC- Les Envahisseurs
Jim- Cupid's Arrow
Jim- Fighting Climber
Jim- Monster Maze
Kawasaki- Igo Master
Kellogg's- Coco to the Rescue
KFC Super Pinball
Kingsford, Ltd.- Match Me
Kingsford, Ltd.- Mini Match Me
Kleetronic- Soccer
K-Mart- Dunk 'N Sunk
Koala Toys- Mimic
Koala Toys- Multi-Sport 7
Konami- Tutankham
Lakeside- Computer Perfection
Lakeside- Intercept
Lakeside- Le Boom
Lakeside- Strobe
Liger Corp- Space Bomber
Lindy- Alien
Lindy- Galaxy Invader 1000
Lindy- Galaxy Invader 2000
Lindy- Prince Eisenherz
LJN- Computer Impulse
LJN- Electronic Concentration
Lotus- Game Watch (Watch)
LSI Game- Cosmo Mobile
LSI Game- Leading Jockey
LSI Game- Mice Party
LSI Game- Shark Hunter
Main Street Toy- Main St. Baseball
Majestron- Cosmic Wars
MBO- Las Vegas
McDonalds- Work Challenge
McNaught- Heathcliff Math
M.E.M.- Memoquiz
Men Star- Space Shuttle
Men Star- Space War
Micom- Baseball
Micro Electronics- Baseball (Tabletop)
Micro Electronics- Baseball (Handheld)
MIT- Advanced Football III
MIT- Soccer
Mitco- Football
National Semiconductor- Quiz Kid
National Semiconductor- Quiz Kid Racer
National Semiconductor- Quiz Kid Speller
Nentone- Frog Prince
Nikko- Mini Vader
Olympia- Football
Olympia- Turbo GT
Omni- Space Defender (Watch)
Onko- Super Space Jack (VFD)
Pack-In-Video- Ghostbusters II
Palmtex- Super Micro Cartridge
Peter Pan- Master Challenge
Pickle- Mad Mad Coaster
Pickle- Space Wars
Playtime- Black Knight 2000 (William's)
Playtime - Cat & Mouse
Playtime - Light Games
Playtronic- Donkey Kong Mini
Prinztronic- Galactic Invaders (VFD)
Quelle- Monza
Quelle- Spiel Computer
Quelle- Super Road Race
Radofin- Digits
Ramtex- Alien Invaders
Ramtex- Space Invaders/Block Buster
RDI- Halcyon laserdisc
Regency- 4-in-1 Electronic Sports
Regency- Computer Baseball
Regency- Harlem Globetrotters Basketball
Regency- Power Pigskin Football
Remco- Double Dare
Remco- The Real Ghostbusters
Remco- Robocop
Remco- Robocop Pinball
Remex- Matrix Attack (Watch)
Remex- Roulette (Watch)
Ritam- Monty Plays Scrabble
Ritam- Monty Plays Scrabble (U. K. version)
Ritam- Monty Plays Scrabble (French version)
Ritam- Master Monty Plays Scrabble (Conversion)
Ritam- Master Monty Plays Scrabble (Blue Case)
Rollet- Super Cobra
Sakitron- Sagball
Sakitron- Tennis
Sanrio- Bowling
Sanyo- Sound & Game Soccer
Schmidt- Millionen Raub
Sega- Pods
Seiko- Water Polo
Selchow & Righter- Reader's Digest Q&A
Sensor- Game Watch (Watch)
Sharp- Wondertopia
Shinseikiki- Fussball Spiel/Football
Shira- Alien Invaders
Solfan- I Ching Decision Science Computer
Spectrum- Destroyer
Spica- 3 Mousquetaires
Spica- Go Home
Spica- Pac III
Spica- UFO
Sport-Billy- Football
Sportron- Football, American
Straco- Football
SSG- Prison Breakers
Tady- Radi-Game LCD Soccer Game
Talbot- 2 Player Baseball
Talbot- Me Too
Technico- Astro Destroyers
Technico- Snow White
Temco- Soccer
Texet- Grabman
Tommy- Auto Race
Tommy- Soccer 2
Tommy- Soccer & Space War
Torch Time- Fast Paced Racing Car (LED)
Toshiba- Blackjack Calculator
Toybox- Mr. Baseball
Toybox- Space Chaser Part I
Toybox- Space Chaser Part II
Toy H.Q.- Ren & Stimpy Fire Dogs
Toyo Suisan- Hockey
Tryom Inc.- Omar I
Tryom Inc.- Omar IV
Tryom Inc.- Omar V
Tudor- NFL Electronic Football
Tudor- NFL Deluxe Electronic Football
Unimex- Pinball
Unisonic 21- Jimmy the Greek
U. S. Games- Baseball, Progammable
U. S. Games- Basketball
U. S. Games- Football
U. S. Games- Space Cruiser
U. S. Games- Super Sports 4
Vanity Fair- Computer Bowling
Vanity Fair- Electron Blaster
Videomaster- Enterprise
Vini Spil- Diamond Hunt (Tri-screen)
Vulcan- XL25
Waco- Computer Derby
Waco- Tic-Tac-Toe
Waddingtons- Enterprise
Waddingtons- The Game Machine
Waddingtons- Jimmy
Waddingtons- Wizard
Wing Group- Space Shuttle (VFD)
Wizen- Space War
Yoko- Cook & Dog
Zeit & Spass- Häschen Hüpf