Ideal Sky-Writer (1981, LED, 9 Volt, Model# 6070-7)
Programmed by: Chris Oberth

Cool LED toy (not really a game) that I always wanted as a kid. Finally got one! (Only had to wait 20 years...) You type in a message on the little keyboard on the back, and then wave the wand back and forth and it slowly scrolls the message across in the air! It's basically like those scrolling LED boards you see all over the place, except that this only has one column of LEDs and the waving motion of the user simulates the rest of the board. There's a toggle switch inside the toy at the top so it knows which way you a waving the thing (to determine which way it needs to be drawing the message). Neat toy, but after using it for a bit I quickly began to realize that it's quite painful to use for any length of time, it's quite stressful on the hand/wrist.

Do I have this? Yes, boxed (this is mine pictured)

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