Palmtex / Home-Computer Software Super Micro Cartridge system
(1983, LCD, 4 AA Batteries for system/2 AA for the light, Model# 9000 R1 / R-1001-P)
Aladdin's Adventure: Designed by Dan Shafer / Programmed by Chuck Blanchard
React Attack: Designed by Dan Shafer / Programmed by Chuck Blanchard

Another very early (and very rare) cartridge based system. Three cartridges are known to exist for it: React Attack, Aladdin's Adventures and Outflank. Other games are listed with the system, but I don't believe were ever released: Crystals of Morga, Mayday, Mine Field, Spellbound and Star Trooper. The pack-in game was either React Attack or Aladdin's Adventures depending on where you got the system. The system was designed exclusively for Palmtex, Inc. by Home-Computer Software (both companies based in California). The box (which says Home-Computer Software) has R-1001-P as a model number, while the game itself (with Palmtex written on it) has a model number of 9000 R1. This system comes with a back-light as well (the extra piece below with the silver center). It would snap on to the top of the cartridge itself (which is placed on the top of the system). The light has it's own batteries and power switch and may not be needed in bright light.

How it works: This is what is kind of interesting about this system, it's sort of a reverse-Microvision. The LCD is actually part of the console itself (not the cartridges), and is a 16x32 grid of squares (similar to Microvision). I only have React Attack, so that's my basis here (object of the game is to prevent an insane terrorist (there's sane ones?) from destroying the nation's central nuclear reactor in 15 (real time!) minutes): the cartridge has a color overlay with various bits of information and simple graphics. When you turn the game on, the LCD blacks out almost all of this, leaving only a few items 'visible' (one of which is you). This initial screen is one of 48 different rooms you have to navigate through to finish the game. Different rooms have different areas 'turned on' meaning you can access those areas. (In reality, you can see the whole color overlay, the LCD isn't dark enough to completely block it out.) Interesting concept, hopefully I'll have the other two carts soon and I can explore them. Outflank sounds like a version of Othello.

Box art for all of the game cartridges:
Back of Aladdin's Adventures:


React Attack:

Do I have this? Yes, boxed (poor box).

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