Playtime Light Games (1988, LCD, 4 C Batteries, Model# 1841)

Cartridge based projector system. You insert the cartridge in the slot on the top of the game, and a light would project the image out of the lens on right onto a wall (or other suitable surface). Came with Auto Race, other carts where sold seperately. I know of Baseball Stealth Fighter for sure, and I can make out these other titles from the back of the box: Temple of Terror, Flaming Inferno, Combat Invasion, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Karate Master, Knock Out. Thinking about this, it has to be kind of annoying to play becuase every time you press a button, you are going to move the game, and thus the image would be moving around on the wall...

Here you can see images on the back of the box for 12 different games:

Kind of a fuzzy picture, but it gives you an idea of this is like while it's on.

Do I have this? No.

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