My collection (as of 12/05/00), it's constantly growing! :) I've added more shelves, so hopefully almost all of the games are visible from the angle photographed (there are still a few hidden, but they are the more common games.) (Vectrex also included here for those that are interested, check out the link on the main page to see my brand new store display.)

New pics, taken on 12/05/00, man has this collection grown!(These pics are kind of huge...):

Updated pics, Here's my collection as of 09/30/00:

And shelf structure 2 on 09/30/00 (several layers deep, you can't see everything that's there in this picture):

These are the 09/08/00 pictures:

Mostly Coleco games:

Mostly Entex & Tomy games:

Mostly Mattel games:


Vectrex (with carrying case, dust cover and original service manual!)

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