Tomy's 3D Games (1983, LCD, 3 AA Batteries)
U. S. Patent # 4,561,723 (for the basic stereoscopic viewing device)
U. S. Design Patent # D281,888 (patent for the look of the game housing for the non-stereo games)
U. S. Design Patent # D284,090 (patent for the look of the game housing for the stereo games)
Basic design invented by: Nobuo Hamano (Tokyo) and Kazumi Matsumoto (Tokyo) (according to the patent)
Manual for Thundering Turbo available

Tomy released 7 different games in their 3D games series: Jungle Fighter (Model# ?), Planet Zeon (Model# TKY-7615), Shark Attack (Model# TKY-7621), Sherman Attack (Model# ?), Sky Attack (Model# TKY-7616), Sky Duel (Model# ?), Skyfighters (Model# ?), and Thundering Turbo (Model# TKY-7617). All of them look pretty similar, kind of like binoculars, just different colors and labels, and they use external light sources for display visibility. Sherman Attack and Skyfighters is in true stereo sound (which is pretty cool!).

Sherman Attack 3D, another Stereo Sound game. May have only been
released in Japan (I believe this is harder to find than Jungle Fighter):

Sherman Attack Display:

Jungle Fighter (This may be a Japanese only release, seems to be the rarest of the series):

Jungle Fighter Display (from box):

Planet Zeon and Sky Attack boxes:

Sky Attack display (looks a lot like something from Tron) and Japanese version:

Shark Attack and Thundering Turbo

Shark Attack box and screen:

Sky Fighters (Stereo):

Here's another pic of most of them:

Planet Zeon and display:

Some Japanese versions (Jaws is Shark Attack, Space Laser War is Planet Zeon):

Dog Fight is Stereo Skyfighters, Cosmo Lemans is Thundering Turbo

Do I have these? Sky Attack boxed (new), Sky Attack Japanese loose, Skyfighters loose, and Thundering Turbo boxed.

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