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Tomy Handheld Games (A.k.a. Tomytronics) (143 listed)
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Tomy made a lot of electromechanical games (we all remember Blip and Digital Derby, right? :). These were kind of unique, and several of them only relied on battery power to light up some lights (like Blip for istance), everything was controlled by winding up a timer. They also made a series of 3D games that look a lot like binoculars... And they also made the really cool Tron handheld game based on the arcade game/movie. Thanks to Ian for all the Pocket Arcade pictures!

3D Cosmo Lemans
3D Dog Fight
3D Jaws
3D Jungle Fighter
3D Planet Zeon
3D Shark Attack
3D Sherman Attack
3D Sky Attack
3D Sky Duel
3D Skyfighters
3D Space Laser War
3D Thundering Turbo
9 Hole Golf
AC Adapter
Alien Attack
Alien Chase
Arcade Attack (Mini-Arcade)
Arcade Racing (Mini-Arcade)
Astro Blaster
Astro Raid (Pocket Arcade)
Athletic Land
Attack in Space (Pocket Arcade)
Baseball, Computer Stadium
Big Bowling, The
Black Racer
Black Rider
Blip / Blip-o-Mat
Block Attack
Bowling (Watch)
Break In
Break Up
Burning (Digipro-3000)
Cat & Catch
Cat & Catch (Watch)
Cat Dodger (Pocket Arcade)
Computer Keiba
Copter Combat (Pocket Arcade)
Cosmic Clash (Mini-Arcade)
Cosmic Combat
Cyclone 2
Daring Driver (Mini-Arcade)
Demon Driver
Desert Race (Pocket Arcade)
Digital Daredevil
Digital Derby
Digital Diamond
Digi-Pro 3000 (Japanese game)
Dr. Smith (Foreign Merlin)
Drive Yourself Crazy
Eddie Kidd's Stunt Bike
Flipper Pinball
Formula 1, Electronic
Galaxian (Ball game)
Gold Rush
Golf (Digipro-3000)
Golf (Watch)
Golf (Watchman Digipro)
Hello Kitty Carrot Story
Hello Kitty Hello Submarine
Hello Kitty School Bus
Hello Kitty Seaside Holiday
Hello Kitty Tennis School
Hit and Missile
Hungry Wiener (Digipro-3000)
Knight's Mission (Pocket Arcade)
Las Vegas, The
Magnum 44
Matian Wars (Watch)
Mickey Mouse: Jungle Daiboken
Mickey Mouse: Orange Express
Missile Guerilla Warfare
Missile Strike
Monster Burger
Monster Hero
Monster Hero
Moto Cross
Mr Do! (Mr. Go!)
Neopentagram Tarotstar
Ninja Yashiki (Pocket Arcade)
Omoraihun (Pocket Arcade)
Pac Man (Puck Man)
Pac Man 2
Pinball (Japanese)
Power House Pinball
Power Man
Pro Tennis
Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
Puck Man (Pocket Arcade)
Puck Man (Programmable Digipro)
Recover the Loot (Pocket Arcade)
Rice Ball Puzzle
Runaway Rocket
Safari Drive (Pocket Arcade)
Shaolin Temple, The
Sky Catch (Pocket Arcade)
Slimboy Baseball Quartz
Slimboy Bowling
Slimboy Ideon
Slimboy Racing 5
Slimboy Shooting 6
Slimboy Space Quartz
Slimline Speedway
Space Attack (Mechanical game)
Space Attack (VFD)
Space Cruiser (Pocket Arcade)
Space Dock (Pocket Arcade)
Space Turbo
Swervin' Derby
Technoboy Japanese game (Pocket Arcade)
Terra Hit
TMNT- Donatello's Sewer Seltzer Canon
TMNT- Leonardo's Pizza Vault
TMNT- Michaelangelo's Tunnel Trap
TMNT- Raphael's Sewer Battle
Top Shot Pilot
Torpedo Terror (Pocket Arcade)
Tricky Traps
Turnin' Turbo Dashboard
Tuxedo Sam: Doki Doki Gerende
Tuxedo Sam: Secret Sam
Tuxedo Sam: Sunday Road
Tuxedo Sam: Tarotstar (Star shaped)
UFO Attack (Two different versions)
Wheelie Crosser
World Cup Soccer
World Tennis
Yashinomi (Pocket Arcade)