Tomy Slimboy Series (19xx, LCD, Watch batteries, Model# ?)

The Slimboy series of games. Seems to the same as the Slimline series in the US (but I'm not sure if they made all of them in the US, Slimline Speedway is the only I know for sure, looks just like the Racing game below.) Some of them have numbers (Racing 5, Shooting 6), maybe they numbered the whole series? All of them came in a vinyl case, kind of like a calculator (you can see a couple of these in the box pictures below).

Slimboy Baseball Quartz and Slimboy Bowling:

Slimboy Ideon (and box) and Slimboy Racing 5:

Slimboy Shooting 6 and Slimboy Space Quartz:

Slimboy Space Quartz with box:

Slimboy Racing 5, Shooting 6 and Baseball Quartz with box:

Slimboy Bowling box (this is actually about half the size of the others, it's a keychain game):

Do I have this? Only Slimboy Bowling, Racing and Shooting, all boxed.

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