Handheld Museum Year 2010 updates.

02/01/2010- Games Added: Gakken- Crazy Kong (and removed Super Kong which I believe is just a CGL variant...); GAMAtronic- Moon Patrol; Lansay- Amidar, Cheval de Troie, Galaxy 2000, Puck Monster.

01/26/2010- Games Added: GAMAtronic- Jack and the Beanstalk; Mattel- removed Offense Defense Football, replaced it with Monday Night Football (board game with electronic device); Vtech- Mini Game Machine.
Misc Games: GoldStar Jumper.
Unknown Games: Boom! Finder.

01/25/2010- Small update today... Actually had to work a little. :) Added Alex's (Tanatron) website to the Links page, not sure how I missed adding that before...
Games Added: Grandstand- Vampire Strike, Lansay- La Peche au Moulinet.

01/22/2010- And the updates continue! Two days in a row! I've made some updates (additions and removals) in the Links page...
Games Added: Bandai- Bowling (LED), Magical Taruruto-kun, Peach's Great Love; Commodoor- Soccer; Grandstand- Destroyer; MGA- Rescue 911; Konami- Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Four for Four; Tandy- Electro-Dice; Tiger- Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Returns (watch).
Misc Games: EACA Codemaster, M.E.M. Memoquiz, Spectrum Destroyer, U. S. Games Baseball, Vini Spil Diamond Hunt.

01/21/2010- All right, so I blew the '2009 updates'... :) Maybe I'll get more done this year!
Games Added: Bandai- Pipeline (VFD version), Tama & Friends game (5th one on the Tama list); Casio- Augie Doggie & Doggie Daddy Tennis, Basketball, Car Race, Cosmo-Flight (GC-8 version), Digital Invader Game, Roulette Calculator; Gakken- King Arthur's Knight; Ludotronic- Jannot la Chance; Parker Bros- Stop Thief (board game with handheld Electronic Crime Scanner device).
Misc Games: Amelia Space Invader/Block Buster, Capiepa Master Mind des Chiffres, Dynamic Toys Witty, Euro Toy Dracula, Quelle Super Road Race, Rollet Super Cobra, Schmidt Millionen Raub, Shinseikiki Fussball Spiel.
Unknown Games: Interceptor, Pinball & Pinball Spiel.

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