Handheld Museum December 2002 updates.

12/12/02- Hey, remember me? The one that's supposed to be updating his site? :) I'm still here, just been busy with a new job, but hopefully things will return to normal with at least monthly updates... Here's what's new this time: Casio- Colorinvader, Exciting Motocross; Gakken- Football (American Football, newly discovered VFD game), Snow Monster; Lansay- Tom & Jerry Et les Ballons, Tom & Jerry Flipper, Wild Horse; Ludotronic- Raid Cosmique; Mattel- Classic Football/Baseball 2-pack (look at Classic Football or Baseball), added Japanese Hockey to the Hockey page. Also added pictures of a set of skateboards that use Mattel games in their design. A cheat has been found in Coleco's Donkey Kong tabletop, check it's page for more info! More updates soon! I have about 150 pictures to add to the website... :)

Handheld Museum October 2002 updates.

10/16/02- Steve Read of www.miniarcade.com has found what is possibly the oldest handheld electronic game (well, it's more of a tabletop): Cragstan Periscope-Firing Range. It's Electro-mechanical, so it doesn't beat out Mattel's Missile Attack for first all solid-state game, but this all steel contruction submarine from the 1960's is definitely an old one... Added these games: Q&Q- Caveman, Tiny Red game; Tomy- Golf (Digipro-3000). Misc- AHI Baseball, Arax Geisterjager, Auvi Home Sweet Home, Bazin Flower Garden, Bazin Le Ranger Marin, Cragstan Periscope Firing Range, Cresta Clown, Elite Delphine, Feu Vert Highway, Game Wizard Space Rescue, Innovator Jungle Rescue, Kenner Star Wars Laser Battle, Konami Tutankham, NIT Soccer, Olympia Football, Olympia Turbo GT, Ramtex Space Invaders/Block Buster.

Handheld Museum September 2002 updates.

09/28/02- Well, it's only been 5 weeks since my last recorded update... (I've been changing some pictures during that time). Time to add some new, pretty cool games that I've recently discovered (well, _I_ think they are cool!). Most significant is Entex's Black Knight Pinball. This game has finally been found forsale on Ebay (with a buy-it-now of $90, and I missed it!). I'll be getting better pictures from the current owner soon, but for now I've added the tiny Ipix image from the auction... Here's what's been added: Actronics- Monster Maze, Pack 'N Maze (larger body style), Wanted G-Man; Casio- Aero Batics Watch, Cosmo Thunder, Soccer Calculator; Entex- Black Knight Pinball; Epoch- Lupini III Golden Arm; Tiger- Jawbreaker (updated); Vtech- Wild Man Jump.

Handheld Museum August 2002 updates.

08/19/02- Had a great time at Classic Gaming Expo, thanks to everyone involved for putting it on! I'll have some pics from the museum display online soon, that's about all I got pictures of... As for the website, today I added the 1981 and 1982 Entex Toy Fair catalogs and the 1982 Bandai Toy Fair catalog to the Entex and Bandai pages.. Lots of enteresting stuff in those (proto drawings and such of games never released or changed before their release). Also added: Actronics- Dig N Picman (and guts picture, it's a Dig Dug clone, check it out!); Entex 3-D Escape! 1000 Mazes (actual pictures of game, box and manual); Mattel- Basketball keychain, Classic Football 2 (they did it again!), Hockey keychain, Football keychain (different package), Soccer keychain. Added these manuals: Coleco Head to Head Football, Entex 3-D Escape! 1000 Mazes, Mattel Armor Attack, Regency Harlem Globetrotters Basketball, U. S. Games Programmable Baseball.

08/04/02- Added: Bandai- Harlock Arcadia, Hockey, Kerope Rokeroppi Herpit; Casio- Game Calculator MG-885; Matsushima- Astro Destroyer, Barrier (Game & Time version), Lasso; Systema- Cosmos Grand Prix; Tiger- Double Dragon watch, The Terminator; Tomy- Burning, Cyclone, Technoboy Japanese game (can't read it).

Handheld Museum July 2002 updates.

07/27/02- Added: Bandai- Bowling; Casio- CA-90, Champion Racer, Game Calculator MG-333, Lovely Koala, Squirrel & Racoon, Straight Flush, Super Western Bar; Lansay- Flipper; Nelsonic- Variation on the Pac Man watch w/ joystick (if you collect these, check this out!); Parker Bros- Drac (Prototype pinball game); Misc Games: Toytronic Multi Sport Game, Tryom Inc Omar I/IV/V, Waco Computer Derby.

07/23/02- Manuals updates- Added the following manuals in PDF format: Coleco Quiz Wiz Challenger, Conic Soccer, Gakken Space Galaxy, K-Mart Dunk 'n Sunk, Romtec Pucki & Monsters (same as Goliath Lucky Pucky), Tomy Mr Go! (Mr Do!), Toytronic Spaceship Pinball.

07/16/02- One small, but cool update: I added Bandai's FL Zaxxon to the Guts section and added more info about the game on it's normal page (yes, I just got mine today... :) Neat design, and it's the first of the new format for the Guts section that will also include details on taking the game apart, and what to watch for while doing it.

07/12/02- Moved 4 companies from Misc to the Main page: Commodoor, Lansay, Schuco and Shinsei. Added: Casio- Cave Adventure, Champion Derby 2, Cross Fighter, FBI & Gang, Fire Panic, Game 10 (Watch), Love Star; Gakken- Baseball 9; GAMAtronic- King Kong Jungle, Krazy Kong; Grandstand- Star Force (LCD); Hanzawa- Dig 'n Picman; Konami- Blades of Steel; Liwaco- Le Pompier, Lion Tamer; Ludotronic- Envahisseurs 2, Fantomes Gloutons, Hop' Man; Masudaya- Medieval Knights, Sharks; Matsushima- Bouquet, Railway Inferno; Misc- Canon Snoopy, Cresta Jungle Kong, Cresta Pink Panther, Eurosonic Pucki & Monsters, Innovator Wild Bunch.

07/11/02- Added: Bandai- Beauty Salon; Systema- Karate Kid, Spaceman; Tiger- Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny, Lucky Luke DWS, Pac Man LS; Vtech- Chess Master, Monkey Jump, Talking Pinball, Tennis Menace. Unknown Games: Alien Avenger, Combat, Crazy Kong VFD, Europa-Cup, G-Man, Jungle Boy, Jupiter 2051, Kampf im Kosmos, My Picture Parman, Pirate, Sniper, Sub Attack. Added some more really cool stuff: Coleco's 1983 Toy Fair Catalog, Mattel's 1982 Toy Fair Catalog, a 1981 flyer from Germany for Milton Bradley games, and a whole new section of books, magazines, and other publications (new catagory from the main page, just above the CGE banner). This section also includes some pictures of trading cards that I've found in Japan featuring handheld games!

Handheld Museum June 2002 updates.

06/30/02- Added: Bandai- Kung Fu, Pro Golf II, and a cool touch screen game in the 'Japanese games' section; Coleco- Added a pic of the Canadian Perma Power packaging that features the prototype Donkey Kong Jr.; Epoch- Angel Kids, Soccer (Exciting Game), Sam the Olympic Eagle: Rings, Sam the Olympic Eagle: Torch; Gakken- Added a weird Defender with a handle to the Defender page; Misc- Albo Mamagon, A-One Match Number, Arax Car Racing, Commodoor Trojans, Imaginamics One Fingered Bandit, ITMC La Guerre des Astres. Added a manual: Tomy Arcade Attack. Added some Guts pictures: GCE Game Time Watch; Mattel Classic Baseball; Onko Super Space Jack.

06/20/02- Some picture updates, added new pics to these games: Actronics- Hungry Pac III, Pack N Maze (w/ joystick); Gakken- Puck Monster (rare version); Most of the Mattel games; Tsukuda- Game Pachinko. Added scans of the ad flyers that come with the systems and some trade magazine ads for the following: Bandai, Coleco, Entex, Kenner (see any of Kenner's games in the Misc section), MB Microvision, Namco, Parker Brothers, RDI Halcyon system in the Misc section. Added banner and link to the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, I'm going to be there with most of my games!

06/17/02- Small update, added two manuals today: Mattel's Look Alive Football and Tandy's (Radio Shack) Pirate.

06/10/02- Finally updated the FAQ itself. The only real new thing in it is a few hundred new games. I'm still planning on adding more to the other sections (like repair tips, variations, etc...)

06/06/02- Small update, added some requested manuals: Parker Bros Bank Shot, Parker Bros Wildfire Pinball, Tandy Astro Computer. Also added pictures from National Lampoon's Vacation of 3 handheld games found in that movie (I will be adding a few more movie appearences soon).

Handheld Museum May 2002 updates.

05/30/02- As you can see by the little icon under the main banner, I've been featured as a Yahoo! Pick of the week! (on May 27th), and as of today the museum ranks 4th on the list of most popular sites (based on how many times it's been Emailed to someone...). Does that obligate me to make updates more often? :)

05/24/02- The slacker returns! Finally making more updates, and have found some interesting new games. If you collect Japanese games, you may be familiar with the Takara Card & Action System (Banana Boat, Dougram, Hamburger), well I've recently discovered two more games in this series: The Gang and Kangoku Lock. They've been added to the Takara section... Here are the updates for today: Actronics- Cosmic Free Fire; Bandai- Challenge Up Baseball, Galaxian keychain, Pilote de Chasse, Pilote de Course, Quickter 20, Space Invaders keychain; CGL- Boxing; Conic- A Man; Takara- The Gang, Kangoku Lock; Tiger- Space Invaders (Large LCD). Misc games: Elektronica Kitchen Panic, Elektronica Space Flight, Men Star Space War, NIT Advanced Football III, Romtec Pucki & Monsters, Romtec Frog Prince, Sanrio Bowling, Selchow & Righter Reader's Digest Q&A, Schuco 5+1 Multi Game, Schuco Pepseus, Schuco Pinguin, Technico Snow White. Unknown games: Crazy Kong (same as A-Man).

Handheld Museum April 2002 updates.

04/11/02- Added: Bandai- Elpit Electronic Baseball; Casio- Atomic Robot (watch), Game Calculator MG-660, Oct-Reversi Calculator; Masudaya- Dwarfs & Witch; Tiger- A-Team, Batman Watch, Cat & Mice, Galaxx, Pink Panther; Tronica- Helecopter Revenger. Misc- Lakeside Space Bomber, Lakeside Intercept, Lansay La Traversee, Lansay Les Chevaliers de le Table Ronde (Knights of the Round Table), Lansay Robin Hood.

04/10/02- Added: MB- Added Box art pics for Barrage and Super Block Buster to the main US Microvision page; Nintendo- Octopus (check out the review I found of this game posted when it first came out!); Sunwing- Coffee House, Cowboy; Systema- Bedrock Bowl; Tandy- Pizza, Tennis; Tomy- Astro Raid, Attack in Space, Mickey Mouse Jungle Daiboken, Recover the Loot, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games.

04/05/02- Trying to get caught up on adding pictures! Added: MB- Max Back Talk; Vtech- Pancake, Super Soccer; Yonezawa- Talking Pinball; Misc- Four Star Space War, Game Wizard Cat and Mice, Hartung Power Play, Hiro Block Destroying, House of Games Mini Game Machine, Ideal Maniac, Innovator Deadly Journey, Innovator Wolf Pack, Kleetronic Soccer, Zeit & Spass Häschen Hüpf.

04/03/02- No April Fool's jokes here... :) Today I added: Casio- Sea Adventure; Coleco- Berzerk, Omega Race (never produced games); Epoch- Kabamaru, added a couple of more Doraemon games to that section; Gakken- Fishing; Grandstand- Astro Warriors, Combat Zone, Hero & Princess; Hanzawa- Cosmic Free Fire; Liwaco- Barrier, Clever Dog, Sauvetage; Ludotronic- Home Sweet Home handheld; Masudaya- Football; Matsushima- Captain 25, Cheerful Dwarfs, Jaws, Le Pommier.

Handheld Museum March 2002 updates.

03/29/02- Added a bunch of new pics to various games, and these new ones: Acclaim- Command Fire; Misc- Acetronic Escape, Bronza Police Patrol, Bronza Rodeo, Commodoor Frogs, CompuChron Space Raider watch, Ectron Pac Man, Elektronica Auto Slalom, Elektronica Egg clone, U.S. Games Super Sports 4.

03/28/02- Instruction manual day! I've added PDF version of the manuals for the following games: Bambino Basketball, Bandai Mole Patrol (same game as Les Requins and Attack Mogura), Bandai Torpedo Shoot, Coleco Amaze-a-Tron, Entex Baseball, Entex Baseball 2, Mattel Gravity, Mattel Horoscope Computer, Mattel World Championship Football, Milton Bradley Comp IV, Milton Bradley Microvision and all games, Parker Bros Merlin: The 10th Quest, Parker Bros Split Second, Sears Compu Bowl (made by Tomy), Tiger 2-in-1 Safari and Darts, Tiger Marble Madness, Tomy Pro Tennis (not sure if the game play is different from Tennis, but the manual has a lot more detail), Toytronic Encore, U. S. Games Super Sports 4, and Wing Group Space Shuttle. With this group nearly all of the English manuals I have are now available online. I've got a couple left, and will also add new ones as I get them...

03/24/02- Saw E. T. tonight and noticed two games/toys that are in my website: Milton Bradley Big Trak and Super Simon. Only seen briefly behind the TV when E. T. first speaks. (Also, an Atari 2600 sitting on top of the TV). I'll add pics to the Handheld Games in Movies page after the DVD comes out.

03/23/02- Found a new movie with handhelds (5 of em!): Parker Bros Merlin, Mattel Football and Baseball, MB Pocket Simon and Coleco's Head to Head Baseball have all been seen in Wet Hot American Summer.

03/14/02- Added the following games: Bandai- Cool looking touch-screen game in the 'Japanese Games' page, Wingman; Casio- 3 Game Calculators (model #'s MG-775, MG-777, MG-880), Dolphin & Boy; Unknown makers: Circus, Hunter, Monster Game, Pater Pan 4-in-1, Pool Mania, Soccer, Super-Pro Football.

03/12/02- Check out the update I made today in the 'Handheld Games in Movies' section! Just saw an advance screening of a movie with lots of old games!

03/10/02- Well, apparently there's been some server issues during the last week, hopefully if you are reading this it's fixed permanently. I have updates to make, but I'm holding out for the server to be working. The only thing I've added during the off time is images from the movie Gremlins of Stripe playing Coleco's Donkey Kong handheld game, check it out.

03/05/02- Nothing new added today, but I moved around some companies. Castle Toy, GAMAtronic and Ludotronic have been moved from Misc to their own catagories. Hanzawa has also been added as a manufacturer with links to all of the games I know of that they made. I did add UFO Attack to Castle Toy, not really a handheld game, but it's interesting...

Handheld Museum February 2002 updates.

02/22/02- Not much today, but I got a 1989 Tiger Toy Fair catalog today (very nicely made, full hard-cover book with flashing LEDs on the cover!), so I've added all kinds of little updates to the Tiger section (like model #'s for many of the 1989 games), and I've added these games to the section: Dr. Fad, Ed Grimley, Fun House, Head to Head Talking Tennis, Heavy Barrel, Police Academy, Road Race, Shifty, Space Fight, Spell Down, Treasure, World Games. The pictures aren't up yet, but should be done over the weekend.

02/12/02 (Part II)- Finally made a much-needed banner/logo for the site. Probably not the best I could come up with, but it'll do for now (whatcha think of it?) Added some movie stills featuring classic handheld games: Coleco Electronic Quaterback: Jeff Bridges play it in Tron; Tiger Sub Wars (LED): Kurt Russell using the toy as a locator device in Escape From New York. Also added a new section just below the manufacturers listing all Hollywood appearences of handheld games that I know of, PLEASE SEND ME MORE!

02/12/02- Added the complete Handheld Games section of the 1982 Toy Fair catalog from Tiger Electronics. Check out the Tiger page! Some games I've never seen...

02/11/02- Added several games to the Popy section, and included several links to the games in Bandai section that had both Popy and Bandai on the boxes/games. Added all the Takara links and pictures as well. Also added: Actronics- Envahisseurs 2 (Twinvader renamed); Gakken- Puck Monster (check it out, new body style recently discovered).

02/07/02- Manual day, added the following game manuals: Entex- 3D Grand Prix, Basketball 2, Football 3, Football 4; Gakken- Defender and Space Invader; Mattel's IAN, Tandy's Alien Chase (which is the same as Tomy's Alien Chase), Tiger's Sub Wars LED and Tomy's Tennis. Also added these games: Bandai- Pro Golf, Wracing; Popy Electronics (new manufacturer, branch of Bandai)- Dr. Slump series (4 games), Isoge! Doraemon, Lupin III, Mikketekids, Professional, Secret Killer, The Psychogun; Takara (new manufacturer) added, pics and pages up soon.

Handheld Museum January 2002 updates.

01/31/02- Part II- Added Nelsonic- Football, Soccer, Space Attacker; Parker Bros- Jumanji; Tandy- Hero & Princess, Submarine Basketball; Tiger- 2-in-1 Safari & Darts, 2-in-1 Space Invader & Gone Fishin', Double Dragon II, Duke Nukem 3D, Henry, King Kong (rare, color LCD flip-up game), Go Sprout!, Monster Maze (Tabletop, ANOTHER one like Star Castle, etc.), Taz Mania; Tomy- Magnum 44, Omoraihun; Tronica- Brave Firemen; Vtech- Talking Baseball, Talking Football, Talking Rally Racer, Variety; Misc Games: Advance Car Race, Castle Toy Hulk vs Spiderman, Castle Toy Tactix, Commodoor Cook & Dog, Intertronic Seaforce, Lansay Football, Ludotronic Pro Screen, Men Star Space Shuttle, Orlitronic Schtroumpf (Smurfs), Playtime Black Knight 2000, Prinztronic Galactic Invaders, Remco Robocop Pinball, Romtec Bury The Monsters, Sakitron Sagball, Sakitron Tennis, Seiko Water Polo, Texet Grabman.

01/31/02- Quick addition, check out Milton Bradley's Microvision (US), I added a still from the movie Friday the 13th Part II where two of these were used as props! Can anyone name any other movies/TV shows that they've seen vintage handheld games used (even if not used as a game, such as Snake's president-locator used in Escape from New York (see: Tiger Sub Wars LED))?

01/30/02- More updates: Gakken- Game Robot 9; Grandstand- 4 in 1 Electronic Game, Caveman (LCD), Cosmic Invader, Dragon, Invader from Space, Military Game, Mini Golf, Soccer (LED), Tron; Konami- Guitar Freaks, Star Trek; Liwaco- Le Frisbee, Space Shoot; Mattel- Dallas (and added pics of Japanese boxed games to Auto Race and Basketball).

01/28/02- More updates finally (and read the 01/14 ones, I never posted them). I've been in the process of re-photographing EVERY game I have with a high-resolution digital camera, so that's been taking up a significant amount of my free time... :) If you need a huge image of any game I have, or the box, I should have it handy, just ask (these won't be placed on the website due to size (each image is over a meg, I've already filled 2 CDs...)). Here's what's new on the website: Casio- Bird Family, Fighting Rabbit, Funny Circus, Lovely Panda, Star Invader; Coleco- Quiz Wiz Challenger; Conic- Computer Chess, Football II; Epoch- Adventure of Jack, Ali Baba and the Oil Stealers, Doraemon Slot Machine, Mogura Punch, Pac Pac Doraemon, Penguin Story, Pocket E-Man.

01/14/02- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Been doing some traveling over the holidays, so I figured it was time for some updates! By request, I have finally made the Sega Pods manual available. If you've ever found one of these neat looking games without a manual, this should make it a lot more fun (it's damn hard to figure this game out just by trial and error! :). Here's what's new: For those that like 'em, I've made minor updates to all of Tomy's Multicolorlaser 6000 series of games (Mr Do!, Monster Burger, Wheelie Crosser, Thomas the Tank Engine). Acclaim- Arch Rivals, Bandai- Marine Shark, Sub Patrol. Manuals: Sega Pods, Entex Select-a-Game console, Bandai Penguin Land (.GIF).

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