Handheld Museum December 2003 updates.

12/29/03- Just a quick note to let everyone know I'm still here. I suffered a hard drive crash just after Thanksgiving, and pretty much temporarily lost everything I was going to add to the site. Data recovery will hopefully be returning all of that info to me just after the new year. In the mean time, I did add one game: A newly re-discovered Rosy game called Space King.  Interestingly enough, this game fills a gap in the model number sequence, so it makes it kind of a cool discovery.
GAMES ADDED: Rosy- Space King.

Handheld Museum November 2003 updates.

11/25/03- Added a quick manual by request: Tomy Monster Burger.

11/12/03- 4 more manuals again!: Bandai Super Boy, Gakken Pinball (LCD), Vtech Deep Diver and Vtech Diamon Hunt tri-screen games.

11/11/03- Added 4 more game manuals: Bambino Lucky Puck Hockey, Coleco Frogger (finally!), Coleco Head to Head Basketball and Coleco Head to Head Boxing.

11/08/03- Added 10 handheld game manuals: Bandai Missile Invader, Coleco Head to Head Soccer, GCE Chase-N-Counter, Grandstand Solitaire, Mattel Funtronics Jacks, Mego Pulsonic Baseball II, Tiger King Kong Tabletop, Tiger Raceway, Tomy Slimline Speedway and Vanity Fair Computer Bowling.

Handheld Museum October 2003 updates.

10/23/03- Well, it's been 4 months since an update, so I figured it was time... I have some cool stuff to share, so check back over the next couple of days as I get prepaired and posted to the site. I'm going to be re-thinking the design of the site a little, I guess the bright colors are hard to read on CRT monitors (I view the site on an LCD monitor, and it's nice and clear on that...) :) So I may have a few 'alternate' versions of pages soon to see what people think...
GAMES ADDED: Acclaim- Fighting Boxer; Bandai- Patsy Duck; Mattel- Classic Basketball, Offense Defense Football; Tsukuda- Ultra Quiz Machine; Vtech- Hippo Teeth, Home Sweet Home Calculator, Soccer 2, Wizard.
MISC SECTION: Bestech Vader.

Handheld Museum June 2003 updates.

06/19/03- In celebration of Milton Bradley Simon's 25th anniversary, Hasbro is selling (on eBay) 14 special Simon2 packages, and several other Simon2s autographed by celebrity Simons (like Simon Cowell from American Idol and others..) See www.playsimon.com for more information or click HERE to see the eBay auctions.

06/05/03- New updates, something really special: I have been contacted by the designer of Castle Toy Kingpin (my favorite little handheld pinball game), and he sent me pictures of one of the original handmade prototypes of the game. Check out the Kingpin page for more details! I have also been in contact with someone that did an interview with the designer of Parker Bros Merlin and Wildfire Pinball, and photos of early handmade prototypes of these two games have also been added. (Check out Merlin and Wildfire for more!) And I have updated a lot of the information in the Mattel category. Check out Auto Race, Football, Missile Attack and the Trivia section for various changes in the history of these games.
GAMES ADDED: Bandai- My Birthday, Sky Phantom; Commodoor- Chicky Woggy, Football; Epoch- Baseball Game, Gugu, Mickey & Minnie; Konami- The Lone Ranger; Liwaco- Family Sport; Ludotronic- Froggy Woggy, Super Football, Le Canyon au Diamant; MGA- G. I. Joe Hawk, Rolling Thunder w/ box.

Handheld Museum May 2003 updates.

05/05/03- Well, it's been a few months since I've updated the site, so I figured it was time... :) Here's what's new:
GAMES ADDED: Casio- Game Calculator MG-888, Hungry Giraffe, Kangaroo Land; Grandstand- Asteroid Attack, Batman Back Street Brawl, Batman Wings of Steel, Ghostcatcher; Masudaya- Car Race, U. F. O.; Tiger- Jawbreaker (handheld), Mickey Mouse (Flip type), Onc' Picsou, Pac Man (Flip type).
MISC SECTION: Action GT Black Belt.

Handheld Museum February 2003 updates.

02/25/03- Small update, finally got a Mattel Funtronics Drag Race, so I've added pictures and a bit of info about it to the Mattel pages.
GAMES ADDED: Conic- Multisport (and some interesting discoveries about it and 3 of Conic's other sports games :), Mattel- Drag Race.

02/20/03- Added some Games used by Hollywood! Games have been noticed in the movie Splash and Mark Wills' "19 Something" music video. I've added info and images from both of these.

Handheld Museum January 2003 updates.

01/28/03- GAMES ADDED: Tiger- Ms. Pac-Man; Mr. Bullfrog. Updated the Sakitron Sagball page with nice images of the game and box and the Tomy Wheelie Crosser page with UK box images.
MANUALS ADDED: Entex Gin Rummy/Blackjack, Innovator (Vtech) Monster Chase (tabletop), Mattel Guttang Gottong, Mattel Ultra Dome, Parker Bros Merlin, Sakitron Sagball, Tiger Mr. Bullfrog.

01/17/03- First update of the new year (finally!) I re-vamped the GCE section with links to Tom Sloper's website describing the design process of the watches/calculators he created for GCE. I've also changed/updated about 150 pictures throughout the site.
GAMES ADDED: CGL- Grand Prix; Epoch- Minna No Tabo; Konami- South Pole; Liwaco- Cosmo Flight; Masudaya- Dragon, Pirate, Raumschiff Rettung; Matsushima- Cracksman, Water Polo; MGA- Mask; Sears- Quiz-a-Tron; Tiger- Submarine Wars, Vtech- Cessate il Fuoco Isidoro & Sonja (Heathcliff).
MISC SECTION: Bazin Hungry Pac, Bestech Marine, Pickle Mad Mad Coaster, Pickle Space Wars, Romtec Cosmic Invaders, Waco Tic-Tac-Toe, Wizen Space War, Yoko Cook & Dog.
Doraemon Mouse Panic, Double Flipper, Eis Disco, Football (Japanese), Monster Shooting, Space Echo, Space Invaders (2 versions), Space Race, Space War Amigo, Superman & Monster, Supermarche, Tank Attack, UFO Invasion, Young Jump.

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