Handheld Museum November 2006 updates.

11/27/06- Some fun things I wanted to add: To the Games in Movies section (which needs to be re-named, I think):
Mattel Football used in Supertramp's The Logical Song; Bambino UFO Master Blaster used in Vangelis' Memories of Green (from the Blade Runner soundtrack).
Coleco's Pac Man used on eBay.com's Main Page.
Random vintage handheld (football?) seen in a newspaper comic strip called Frazz.
Let me know if you have any problems playing the audio clips (they will NOT start playing automatically, this is intentional...)

Handheld Museum October 2006 updates.

10/25/06- Added some game manuals: Collins Star Trek II Watch (which I believe will work for Nelsonic Space Attacker and several other clones), Grandstand Star Force, Grandstand Thunderbirds Danger at Ocean Deep and Videomaster Enterprise (By request... :) )

Handheld Museum September 2006 updates.

09/22/06- No game updates today, just the buttons and such at the top, and the Links page has been revamped...

09/08/06- Yes, I'm still here! Been damn busy programming DVD based board games... Doesn't leave a lot of free time. :)
I've added several Hollywood Sightings: Lakeside Perfection in Ice Pirates and Buck Rogers, Mattel World Championship Football in St. Elsewhere, MB Battleship in Spy Kids and Coleco Pac-Man in Knight Rider...

GAMES ADDED: Actronics- Grand Prix Turbo (Walkie style); Casio- Block Burster Calculator, Game 30, Game 40, Holiday Cat, Lot-A-Luck, Mole Hunter, Puppy Garden; Epoch- Math Master (or Sensu-Puter), Epoch Man (large size); Gakken- Battle Front (box variation of Space Galaxy); Grandstand- Double Dragon, Indiana Jones, Paperboy, Pocket Match of the Day Soccer; Grip Lend- Baseball Game, Mogura Punch, Pulse Missile; Innovator Electronics- Kid Kong; Ludotronic- Operation 'Z', Water Polo; Matsushima- Basketball, Lion Tamer, Savanna; MB- Handheld Battleship; Nelsonic- Simon (it does exist! I was never sure...); Nintendo- Love Tester; Romtec- Pucki & Monsters (Tabletop design); Rosy- Messenger Monkey, Thriller House; Schuco- Scramble; Sears- 3-in-1 Sports; Shinsei- Chimps & Coconuts; Tandy- Dino Wars, Fire Engine; Tiger- Copycat Jr., Shadow, Sonic Spinball; Tomy- 9 Hole Golf, Puck Man (Programmable Digipro), The Las Vegas, Wow!; Vtech- Checkers Master, Game Burger; Yonezawa- Cylon 16.
Think that'll hold you guys over for a few days? :)

Handheld Museum June 2006 updates.

06/03/06- Added some game catalogs: Bandai 1978 Japanese catalog, Coleco 1978 (Alternate version) and 1981 Toy Fair catalogs.
: Entex Galaxian 2 (by request)

Handheld Museum May 2006 updates.

05/07/06- This is not an update of the Handheld museum per se, but I've added a whole new section to my 'Museum'. Lately, I've been collecting Development Hardware for various game consoles (usually trying to focus on the handheld ones like Gameboy and Atari Lynx), and I've decided to start adding them to the site as well, but in a different location. HTTP://devkits.handheldmuseum.com is where these can be found. It's fairly simple right now, I was in a hurry to just get pictures and descriptions up on the site, so I just threw it all together. Some of you may find this stuff interesting, some may not, but it's there either way... I'm not neglecting handhelds, there will be updates again, I promise! (And I guess I should update the FAQ too... :) ) I've just been a tad busy lately... (I have the honor of creating the DVDs for DVD based board games of The Amazing Race and 24 (the Fox TV show), so I've been a little swamped with that lately. Watch for my name on the DVDs though! :) )

Handheld Museum April 2006 updates.

04/14/06- GAMES ADDED: Tiger- Space Invaders Tabletop! (Couldn't pass up adding something that cool! :) )

Handheld Museum March 2006 updates.

03/25/06- Today's update was kind of spontaneous: I found out how easy it was to look up patent numbers, so I've added patent numbers and inventor names to a lot of Coleco, Mattel and Tomy games: (If you click on a patent number, make sure you click on the 'Images' button to see the drawings and sketches of the games.)
Coleco: Electronic Quarterback, Head to Head Baseball, Head to Head Boxing, Head to Head Football, Head to Head Hockey, Quiz Wiz, Total Control 4, Zap!
Mattel: Baseball, Basketball 2, Bowling, Dallas, Football, Funtronics, Gin, Gravity, Horse Race Analyzer, I.A.N., Look Alive Football, Soccer 2, Ticker Tape Fever, World Championship Baseball, World Championship Football.
Tomy: 3-D Games, Digital Diamond, Space Turbo, Tennis (as well as a lot of design patents throughout).

03/24/06- Added these catalogs/magazines to the Books and Magazines section (and their appropriate manufacturer sections): Amico Fall 1980, Entex Toy Fair 1979 catalog, Entex 'The Bull's Eye' Corporate News Letter from 1980, Tomy 1980 Japanese Summer catalog.
Christmas catalogs: Sears 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1979.

03/17/06- GAMES ADDED: Radio Shack- LCD Blackjack 21 Calculator.
Added these catalogs/magazines to the Books and Magazines section: Playthings Trade magazines September 1979, October 1979 and April 1981

03/16/06- GAMES ADDED: CGL- George; Nelsonic- Sea Ranger; Tiger- 3D Football.
Added these catalogs/magazines to the Books and Magazines section: J. C. Penny Christmas 1982, Montgomery Ward Christmas 1978, 1981, 1985; Playthings Trade magazines April 1979 and April 1980; Mattel Electronics 1981 French Toy-trade catalog. (More of these coming in the next few days...)

03/13/06- GAMES ADDED: Actronics- Cosmic Twinvader (Walkie Game style), Mr. Digger; Bazin- Dynamite Panic; Ludotronic- Caries en Danger; Tiger- 3D Tank Attack, A-Team (Large Screen), King Kong (Large Screen), Jurassic Park, Mega Man 2, Smurf (Color flip-type).
UNKNOWN GAME: Ape Man (Super Color-Screen), Cosmos Fighter, Soccer (ME-04), Tarzan (Super Color-Screen).

Handheld Museum February 2006 updates.

02/26/06- Today I added some new magazines/catalogs to the Books and Magazines section. Look for Design News and Game Watch! under the Japanese games, and there's a new category in the center column for Department Store catalogs (like J.C. Penny or Sears Christmas catalogs). So far I've only 2 for Aldens store and 1 for a store called Ardan (I'm doing them in alphabetical order, so the more common Montgomery Wards and Sears catalogs will be coming up next...).

02/10/06- GAMES ADDED: Bandai- Galaxy Wars 4 (Watch); Casio- Atomic Robot, Crazy Bee, Cyber Cross, Game 20, Great Savanna, Hungry Mouse, Jungle Star; Q&Q- Camelot, Penguin.

02/05/06- GAMES ADDED: Entex- Bike Computer, Do As I Say, Table Top Game Machin (and a general overhaul of many of the Entex pages); Vtech- Crazy Chewy, Dragon Castle (Arcade Time & Fun) (general over-haul of Vtech section as well).

02/04/06- GAMES ADDED: Kenner- Starting Lineup Talking Baseball; Konami- Major League Baseball; Liwaco- Soccer; Romtec- Alien Invaders (white version), Updated the Colorvision page with some interesting information; Sunwing- Cat & Rat; Tandy- Challenge Master, Deluxe 2-Player Baseball, Electronic Football, Fire Away (the Bandai version, and I seperated all the Fire Away games into their own pages), Tandy Lanes Bowling;
MISC GAMES: Acetronic Banana; Action GT Strobe; Caprice Pro Action Strategy Baseball; Ceji Karateka; Collins Star Trek II Watch; E.R.S. Football; Invicta Super-Sonic Master Mind (fixed this); ITMC Les Envahisseurs; Lindy Galaxy Invader 1000 & Galaxy Invader 2000; Lotus Game Watch; LSI Game Mice Party; Main Street Toy Co.'s Main Street Baseball; Majestron Cosmic Wars (watch); Micro Electronic Baseball (Large tabletop version); Ramtex Alien Invaders; Remex Matrix Attack, Roulette; SSG Prison Breakers.

Handheld Museum January 2006 updates.

01/31/06- Coolness! Check out the Coleco Star Trek page, I may have obtained one of the few surviving bits of evidence of the production of this game: A prototype shell, presumably cast from an almost final version of the molds that would have been used if the game went into production (which I'm pretty certain it never did...).

01/30/06- GAMES ADDED: Lansay- Combat de Boxe, Invader, Jungler, Les Envahisseurs, Radical Sous Marin, Super Catch; Liwaco- Cracksman, Fussball, Le Zoo, Voyager.
MISC GAMES: Altic Submarine Game; Hanimex Numbers Game, Sea Rescue, Sleeping Beauty, Stock Car; National Semiconductor Quiz Kid Speller; Quelle Monza, Spiel Computer; Tady Radi-Game LCD Soccer Game.

01/16/06- Yay, new year, new updates! (Well, only one for right now...). I've spent a few days carefully exploring the Ritam Monty Plays Scrabble series of games as I learned about the variations on this game. Basically, there's 2: Monty Plays Scrabble and Master Monty Plays Scrabble (but there's two different 'styles' of Master). So, I've gathered all my info, and made 3 seperate pages for the 3 different variations I've seen, and I've even included images of the Expansion Modules in case someone really wants to attempt making and installing the EPROMs. (If you are only an EPROM burner short of attacking your game with a soldering iron to install them, let me know, I can probably burn a set for you... Solering would be required probably since I don't have the plastic adapters for the modules.) Anyway, the pages have been uploaded for Monty, Master Monty (Conversion Style) and Master Monty (Blue Case style). I'll add a high-res scan of one of the playing/score sheets soon as well.

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