These pages are from a Japanese magazine called Game Watch! from 1999. (This is Volume 1 of a 2-part series.)

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Big Bandai page: FL Mobile Suit Gundam, U-Boat, Crazy Climbing, Pengo, Burgertime, Submarine,
Missilevader, Super Missilevader, Toukon Jyuohmaru, Space Guardian Gundam, Golf Compe,
Combat, Champion Racer, LSI Baseball, Pro-Bowler.
Boxes feature: Bandai FL The Block, (something), Entex Super Cobra, Bambino Space Laser Fight,
Nintendo Mario's Cement Factory, Tomy Tron, Epoch Space Defender and Bandai FL Mobile Suit Gundam.
'Others' feature: MB Simon, Nintendo Mario's Cement Factory, Toybox Space Chaser Part II,
Tomy Digital Daredevil (I can't remember what the blue one is, but I know I've seen it before...).

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