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Coleco Game Repair (Coleco Arcade Series)

Coleco (COnneticut LEather COmpany) started out by selling leather making kits for kids. In the early 1980's they started making really cool looking handheld games based on popular arcade games (the handhelds looked like little arcade games themselves). They managed to license authentic games for some of the most popular arcade games at the time: Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Galaxian, Zaxxon to name a few. They were also right on the heels of Mattel with various clones (and completely different versions) of the LED based sports games.

Alien Attack
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Electronic Learning Machine
Electronic Quarterback
Head to Head Baseball
Head to Head Basketball
Head to Head Boxing
Head to Head Football
Head to Head Hockey
Head to Head Soccer
Lil Genius
Ms. Pac Man
Omega Race
Pac Man
Perma Power AC adapter
Quiz Wiz
Quiz Wiz Challenger
Race Thru Space
Space Blaster
Space Turbo
Star Trek, the Electronic Game
Swat Swat the Mosquito
Talking Teacher
Total Control 4

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